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Quake 4 On XP, Vista, & Linux

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  • Quake 4 On XP, Vista, & Linux

    Phoronix News: Quake 4 On XP, Vista, & Linux

    Curious to see how the performance of Quake 4 compares on XP, Vista, and Linux (Fedora 6)? Over at are three quick benchmarks with a NVIDIA GeForce 6150 on the three different operating systems. More benchmarks will come later this week at Phoronix.

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    I would want some comparisons with AMD cards. Natively at the very least. I've played Quake 4 demo on ATi's fglrx before (granted all the settings bumped to low) but at least I've managed to play.


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      About those benchmarks....................

      After reading your quick benches re:Q4 on several OS's, as well as scrolling down and reading some of the comments the first commenter MERLIN makes somewhat of a good point.

      ================Games are known to be slower than normal on Vista atm: the drivers have not yet been optimized.==================

      While that's no doubt true, nvidia's been having problems for whatever reason getting their vista driver up and running.


      to my knowledge, nvidia doesn't optimize it's linux driver. I mean, not the way they optimize their detonator drivers. I've been watching and following computing for a long time, and I can remember when the first detonators came out, how revolutionary they were because they offered some huge percentage performance gain.(that I'm not forgetting the specific percentage) When the D2's came out, nvidia did it again. Another seemingly whopping performance gain.

      That's never happened with the linux drivers, has it?