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L33F3R's top 10 HoN key Requests.

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  • L33F3R's top 10 HoN key Requests.

    To all those without a key and are looking for 1. A key serve is easy to make for this game. Grab your key here!

    To everyone else . Basically, i decided to put together all of the "best" HoN key request posts. Below you will find the quotes going from worst to best. I skipped the first 100 pages of the thread.

    Originally posted by kazan View Post
    plz plz
    Originally posted by CrazyChris215 View Post
    Sup Phoronix Forums. I've been looking for a beta key and i was wondering if you could help me out. I'm a huge fan of S2games (look up my Savage 2 account info if you like). But also I've been playing DotA forever. I've got a buddy in the game already with all his keys used up [some buddy xD] Add me on steam - [BAY] InternetNiceGuy. Thanks.
    Lol. I bet hes still waiting for someone to add him on steam.
    Originally posted by oneguynick View Post
    Sign me up! I am a Linux Architect lead for a big company. I speak systems engineering and CMMI
    Capability Maturity Model Integration?
    Originally posted by swalko View Post
    I am not a big gamer. But from time to time i relax with games. Now i am bored from work and i need a little relax. May you send to me a one beta key?
    So lemme get this right. You relax from time to time. Now work is boring so you need to relax some more? I always figured work was about working...
    Originally posted by Ștefan View Post
    Phoromix i only request a small key to beta test your new linux game.
    Thankyou in advance.
    thats people. S2 diddnt make the game, its all a lie. Phoromix did it.
    Originally posted by cotrunk View Post
    I want a beta key please


    [email protected]
    RED!!! , he even took the time to edit his post......
    Originally posted by Indyana View Post
    I have a new processor to test. Do you have any key for me please?...
    Thats what HoN is, a benchmarking utility!
    Originally posted by mespina View Post
    plz send me a beta key???

    plz im crying for play this game

    Originally posted by siegegamer09 View Post
    Well come one i want my Beta key... jesus how hard is it to get a key when its a exact clone of DOTA !
    when we talking about L33F3R, harder then you can imagine.
    Originally posted by DarkArthas View Post
    please somebody send me a key, i want to play right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well there you have it folks. My top 10 fail posts for HoN key requests. if you feel that I have left a good 1 out or that I should modify the priority I gave them then please respond, telling me what you think. How do you think the key requests went? Personally I think phoronix gave out more keys to windows users then to Linux ones, however i trust that Michael could tell the difference after about page 75 . What do the posts mean for linux gaming? What do the posts mean as far as global education is concerned?

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    A+++++++ would lol again.


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      Haha, L33F3R, amazing post!
      Michael Larabel


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        So true, so true.


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          Quality analysis.


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            thank you for the positive feedback


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              Thanks for brightening my day L33F3R, this is a gem.


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                oh my gosh you actually read the new post asking a key????

                the last time that i've read the 3 topics about HoN was a couple of weeks (maybe months) ago. I've even unsubscribed (<- is it correctly written?) because of the lame/idiotic requests...


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                  I take the time to check on the nooblets every once in a while. Making sure the cancer doesn't spread.


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                    lol, you are insane L33F3R. after my last post of offering Keys, i had enough of the DOTA/HoN shitty game... most of ppl are kevin 12 up to 14 with mental issues,rude and etc... the game dev did a good job by making the game but most of players are to blame, imo.

                    Can one of the moderators close those HoN topics please?