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Cedega 6.0 Due Next Week

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  • Cedega 6.0 Due Next Week

    Originally posted by Michael Larabel
    A few minutes ago I received a message from Transgaming that Cedega 6.0 will be released next week. Phoronix will be receiving an advanced media preview package of this new major Cedega release. I look forward to the preview package to see what changes make up this new release. Transgaming's Cedega (formerly called WineX) is a software package based upon WINE that is specifically designed to allow gamers to emulate Microsoft Windows DirectX games and run them within Linux -- usually at a decent speed. Among the games supported with Cedega 5 is Battlefield 2, World of Warcraft, and many others. Some of the technical features currently supported by WINE is Pixel Shaders 1.4, Microsoft DirectX 9.0, and Vertex Shaders 1.1. Similar to CrossOver Office, Cedega features a very easy to use GUI. Look for additional coverage later this week (if Transgaming doesn't request a publishing embargo until its release date) and then again next week. The downside to this Linux gaming emulator is a $5 USD monthly fee that they charge to use this proprietary software. Once again, Transgaming Cedega 6.0 is due for release sometime next week -- April 9, 2007 to April 13, 2007.
    Michael Larabel