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Aquaria Game Coming To Linux. Icculus Porting?

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  • Aquaria Game Coming To Linux. Icculus Porting?

    Phoronix: Aquaria Game Coming To Linux. Icculus Porting?

    There's a new game coming to Linux and it's called Aquaria. This is an underwater fantasy game developed by Bit Blot...

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    It got 7.4 on IGN. I guess that's pretty good. Might give it a go.

    Also, shouldn't icculus be hard at work porting UT3?



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      this seems 20% dandy and 70% ridiculous. I have a feeling EPIC is the reason ut3 is delayed now.


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        Bit Blot had gotten Aquaria mostly working on Linux themselves before it got released, but ended up dropping it for unknown reasons. I'd guess just lack of time since they were presumably trying to get the Win/OSX versions to be as shiny as possible. Here's to hoping that the groundwork they laid allows this to come out sooner rather than later! I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced!


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          This game looks great imho!
          I remember hearing about it on german television (GIGA) a while ago. IIRC the review was pretty positive.
          Can't wait to buy this game.


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            Originally posted by palu View Post
            As Aquaria is already on the list as "being looked into", i thought i'd let you know that Alec Holowka (the developer) has recently posted on the Bit Blot forums that he is open to having someone "trustworthy" take over his abandoned Linux port.
            I don't know if your prodding about this stirred them into action or was purely coincidental, but I'll say thanks anyways.


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              Aquaria seems to be almost finished:


              This is almost done, but I'm crunching on something very important. Hopefully
              I'll start passing some Linux builds to Bit-Blot for testing in ~2 weeks
              when this other project is off my shoulders.


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                Originally posted by rettichschnidi View Post
                thanks for the link


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                  I've played the demo for a bit through wine. I'll pick this up when it's release for Linux.


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                    Originally posted by rettichschnidi View Post
                    Something "very important" as a project is delaying it... Not that Aquaria's not important- but one wonders what Ryan's doing now...

                    It IS cool that it's coming to Linux, though. I'm interested in it...looks fun.