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Linux Shoots Past The 2% Threshold For The Steam Survey, AMD CPU Use Breaks 75%

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    Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
    SteamOS 3 is hard-tagged against the nVidia driver?
    This is not what I meant.
    The issue is that once SteamOS 3 releases, most people who switch from Windows will be using it with NVidia hardware. That means, Valve cannot simply ignore the NVidia userbase when it comes to innovating and modernizing the software stack. The proprietary NVidia driver has traditionally been an obstacle to this for desktop Linux.

    Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
    Also could whatever OS Xbox runs on (Windows CE like OS rebased on Win8 codebase?) be a feasible option here? Not that I'd want it, but seems an OS geared for a console with similar hardware would be more sensible.
    Some form of entombed embedded OS is also antithetical to Valve's ambitions. SteamOS 3 and the Steam Deck are the culmination of all innovation that Valve brought to PC gaming thus far (Steam Input, Steam Machines, Steam Controller, etc.). Valve wants to push PC gaming forward. For example, Dynamic Cloud Sync is a feature that they were only able to implement on SteamOS, not on Windows.


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      Originally posted by stiiixy View Post

      Trump, Miquella siiii (relying hevily on accents here). Thought you were gonna make me your bitch!
      Where you you she caught Scarlet Rot? Where do you think we get all the runes from when she dies? You don't pay that much money if you didn't go beneath the Haligtree to grab her by the...

      What system you playing this on? Your 4650G+dPU?
      Nope. That was my previous system. Now I'm using a 7800X3D, 64GB 6000CL30, a 6700 XT, and a BenQ 1440p Ultrawide. I keep that APU, its motherboard, and ram in a drawer in case shit happens with my Zen 4 system.


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        Originally posted by akira128 View Post

        I'm a pretty hardcore Linux user and haven't touched windows in ages. I used to play Tekken TT2 (w/ 4k graphics packs) on Cemu on Linux for years. Just casual gaming -- when I needed a break from work

        Anyways Tekken 8 was released 6 months ago on steam -- so I thought f**k it, I'll download steam and buy this game mostly because I'm tired of playing against the computer and wanted to play against actual people. Tekken 8 runs absolutely flawlessly on Linux - and it's a AAA game -- and it's not rubbish. The graphics are stunning and the effects are amazing. So I just think your premise is not sound to say the least....

        Maybe some/many/most AAA games are rubbish -- but not all of them are.
        Tekken is old school. Old school games have already proven themselves and often a new edition of the game is still successful because it has proven it self already. Look at Red redemption 2, because red dead redemption already proved it self. Look at GTA6 that will still be released, because the earlier version of GTA have proven themselves already.

        Ask yourself, why do you see that companies are doing remake of games? Because those games already have proven themselves. Besides the less development and big chance people will buy the remake again.

        These days games that look like AAA games, need to have more than just being a game.

        - storyline (gta games you see it very clearly or even red dead redemption or Metro games)
        - interresting concept (minecraft, Legend of Zelfd: Tears of the kingdom)
        - mechanics of the game. So you be able to use the joystick or keyboard and mouse correctly. (red dead redemption and eagle eye mechaninism, mario games, jumping, throwing a fire ball..just easy to use and understand. Switch games often even show you what button to press.
        - Depth of the game. You do not want to finish the game within 4-5 hours, but it should be a big journey
        - side quests (again gta games and red dead redemption you have tons and tons of those)
        - beautiful graphics (if you ask me i do not think that people like Fortnite because they like it, but because everybody else plays it. Those graphics are rubbish. With a basic iGPU you still can play that game with maybe 60+ fps.

        Now what you have is that games look beautiful because of modern game engines, but they lack almost every other thing. I myself love playing Command and Conquer Generals zero Hour, if a remake is made, be sure of it i will buy it.

        So again, games that are completely new are becoming less and less and less and what is being released is not worth it. AMD announced the new CPU's with the new iGPU 890M and that one iGPU has 16 compute units. Which means very powerfull that is on the same level i believe as PS4. So with Linux Batocera and all those emulators, playing all those old school games, while sitting on your couch with your PS5 joystick (it is the best joystick in combination with Linux. Good Linux drivers that are already part of the kernel). I can play on that thing those Tekken games. Tekken 3 or 4 was my favorite (it was back then on PS2 or PS3). I did not play the newer ones. Online play i am afraid that will also be stopped after a while as many new games depend on a server of the developer that should be online. If it goes offline, it will stop working.
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          There are projects like GameRanger to work around (probably using a VPN) the offlined server issue for 'abandoned' games. It was for Windows last I checked. Would be interesting to see if it worked for Linux in whatever fashion.


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            Originally posted by zamadatix View Post
            Linux Steam gaming didn't grow 20+% in one month. How many of these articles need to occur before photonic starts reporting them as actual growth instead of yet another monthly stat error? We literally had the same article 6 months ago for the same reasons
            Till somebody else finally offers better numbers... so yes in 1 month not so much changed but you try to see some sort of trend comparing to numbers from the same year last year to hope to have the same error stuff like that. and looking over multiple numbers.

            Steam Deck is very succesful so you would expect Linux numbers to go up if for no other reason because 90% will stick with steamos I don't see 99% switch to windows...

            And you always have the discussion do you want Chinese numbers overrepresented or even if they are fair represented and real home user gaming machines, could it be that in the west linux usage raises pretty strong while china decreases or stays the same...

            Btw there is always the india question that can have extreme growth rates... so probably per country numbers would help a lot to find out this problems or have more numbers to compare to make sense of it.


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              Originally posted by HEL88 View Post
              Let's see how much Linux desktop in it,
              AMD AMD Custom GPU 0405 35.64%
              AMD Radeon Graphics (RADV VANGOGH) 13.16%
              Linux 2.32%
              2.32 * (1 - (0.36 + 0.13)) = 1.12%
              1.12 for desktop? Lame.
              But the funniest thing is that many Linux fans love Valve. The company that took away license ownership, took away game ownership. And according to the law, you can't legally transfer your pool of games to another person or bequeath them in your will.
              Yes, I can pass my Windows to my cousin (even OEM), but a game bought on Steam cannot. And people at Valve have often left a lot of money. In this respect, consoles are better. It's the only refuge of freedom in game ownership.​
              you are right. and i also think people who think that if people could pass their games to their children this would lower the game sales are plain and simple wrong.
              in the end i think people would spend as much money as before plain and simple because people want to test new games and they have free money to spend. this will never stop.

              more or less we need government laws to stop this. its a violation ot ethics and violation of tradition and so one.

              even if we allow used steam keys to be sold on ebay this will not change much and we know this from crypto coins like bitcoin or monero coins are always lost in wallets who never again can be used because the key is lost this means you can always create new coins without cause of inflation.

              same would be for steam games many people will die without sell the steam keys on ebay many people die without having children and so one.

              the paranoia that this would tank their steam sales is plain and simple wrong.

              as you correctly say right now we have massive distortion of competition​ because as you say if you buy playstation 5 blue ray game you can pass it to your children means there is ownership of the game but on steam you can ot.

              means there is a massive distortion of competition and the lawmaker need to this this.

              pass the steam keys to your children should be lagal and also if someone is broke and need money he should be allowed to sell his steam keys on ebay.

              and i predict that steam and all the game companies will still make billions of dollars even with the new laws.

              people will not stop buy games.
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