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FEX 2405 Gets Close To Running Far Cry On ARM Linux Systems

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    Originally posted by TheJackiNonster View Post

    I think the reason for running games is not just that. Games are also very niche binaries, released continuously during the time of new chip releases and instructions appearing. They tend to target newer architectural changes for the sake of optimizations since a lot needs to run on real time, hitting a proper frame rate.

    In other words: It's the perfect fit for beta-testing compatibility and there are plenty binaries to choose from. Most of them shipping original dependencies with them.
    sure it's not just that, but it's still massive, but there has been a large boom in "windows emulators" recently due to the recent performance boosts of box86 and dxvk.‚Äč

    Originally posted by danilw View Post

    AI-processor and AI-PC is future.
    RISC-V is just another modern "scam for investors".

    AI-PC require 10x performance-specs than modern top tier PC have.
    Something like RISC-V is not option even in theory.

    AI-PC is:
    60Gb text model+30Gb visual model+10Gb motion detection model+10Gb voice-sound model+10Gb AI-history-cache = 120Gb multiply by 2 = 240Gb ultra fast RAM - is minimum specs for AI-PC that will process data in real time.
    Plus - to process it all compute needed - 2x4090 per model = atleast 6x4090RTX.
    RISC-V - dont even have working examples that can deliver performance of singe 4090RTX.
    whatever drugs you are on, I want some.