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UT3 Linux Is "Slowly Being Worked On"

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    Originally posted by MakotoTheKnight View Post
    if a game developer wants to have the best chance at making cash with a port, then they really should strike while the iron is hot.
    They've lost their chance, the boat has come and sailed I think. Oh sure, there might be a few interested in UT3, but due to the game's overall meritocracy in comparison to several of the other 3D shooters out there, I think the market is too crowded now for them to care.

    Theory #523: Perhaps when they started it all, they were pepped up thinking they could make another UT2, but as things progressed and they realized it wasn't going to do too well, that meant the cost/income ratio got too close for the Linux client to justify it. That, and ETQW for Linux came out and probably finished bursting their bubble.

    I like the Microsoft killed it theory better though, since that coincides with what Linux users are used to.


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      Here's what I think.

      If UT3 comes out on Linux, regardless of whether people are going to play it, it will still be the best FPS on the platform, bar none. It has every other game beat as far as graphics, sound, presentation, and gameplay. Of course I'm speaking for myself when I say that I think it's also very fun to play, but there's no way you can tell me that the rest of the game doesn't make Quake 4 look and play as good as a playground swing.

      Some of you say you've already forgotten about UT3. In favor of what? What beautiful, Linux-native game soon to be released has your attention in such a stranglehold that you'd compare UT3 to pile of ground beef? Id hasn't confirmed Linux ports for any of their two latest games, HoN isn't even in the same ballpark, and Valve is set to release a Steam client somewhere in the next couple of millenia. Epic has absolutely no competition on Linux, and you guys act like it's no big deal if UT3 ever sees the light of day.

      If you abandon all hope for UT3, you're basically saying the Linux platform is too good for these current-gen games, that Epic should move on with their next game, even though they clearly already have. And just so we're clear, a snooty, self-righteous attitude doesn't make Epic any happier to help.

      The boat hasn't sailed. Some of the passengers may have left and gone home, but the rest of us are still waiting for either Epic to bring in the anchor, or a better boat to come along. And that horizon looks pretty damn empty.


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        UT3 can not match any game currently running on linux. UT3 does not run on linux. The point that many people are making, is the "if" part - Epic have failed to deliver it when they first said they would, and are now just stringing everyone along.
        The game itself is to many people boring - where as etqw is fun to many people. Id have never confirmed linux as supported for any of their games.
        I would have to say that Epic got on a high horse, and UT3 brought them crashing down. People don't buy a game simply because a company wants them to - the company has to make a game that people want.
        Sure, if Epic ever actually releases a client then people will buy it - but it would be purely to have another game that runs on linux, not because said game is any good.


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          you can get the impression that the original code is beyond awful, if it takes that long to port it to linux ;-)

          or, perhaps ryan is trying to sync the source with some more recent upstream modifications - perhaps ut3 engine is going to be used in more games, and that is the reason for delay?


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            Well one of the big reasons people are still hoping it comes to linux is to have another quality engine running on linux and being able to run one of the many mods out there for it. Then there is also their superb editor that weighs heavily into the equation as well. Some of the best mods out there have been done on the UT engine (such as the UT99 remake on the UT3 engine.). Whether UT or ETQW is better is a matter of personal preference, for example I prefer the simplicity of a good FPS without the added complexity and stress on team play that ETQW requires.


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              Originally posted by Remco
              OK, weird reasons for delaying UT3:

              * One of the middleware
              companies refuses to sell another license because the CEO was completely owned by a bunch of noobs.
              * Icculus was found out to be a minor, and is not allowed to work on a Mature-rated game.
              * Mr Gordon has been reported missing since the Portal Storms began and will not be heard from until 2020.
              * UT3's awesome menu system depends on Internet Explorer's rendering engine.

              Who can think of better ones?
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              Icculus is Ryan Gordon's nickname!
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                Originally posted by earlyberd View Post
                Some of you say you've already forgotten about UT3. In favor of what?
                UT2004, of course. It's dirt-cheap, more fun than UT3 according to the opinions I've heard from several windows users who played both, and the server list isn't a ghost town.


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                  Originally posted by earlyberd View Post
                  Id hasn't confirmed Linux ports for any of their two latest games
                  Quake Live is in a closed beta test for Linux and Mac users right now.
                  And Rage was shown running on a Mac in 2007, so it's safe to say that if it can run on a Mac, it wouldn't be hard to get it running on Linux.

                  There really isn't any info on Doom 4, but since it uses the same engine as Rage, it'll run on a Mac at least.


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                    I know whats wrong.

                    <icculus> If I told you what the specific problem is, you wouldn't believe me
                    They are working to make the game opensource. They are surpricing us
                    There still are some 3rd party legal issues, which has to be fixed before the game can be released as GPL.


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                      Maybe it's something to do with engine licensees wanting the code too or something.