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VKD3D-Proton 2.12 Released With Initial Support For NVIDIA Reflex

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    Originally posted by Kjell View Post

    Game bans were issued over it since it wasn't natively supported by games

    This is why there needs to be a industry standard like Vulkan protocols or LatencyFlex.. The end result is the same, difference is wasted developer time from having to maintain multiple implamentations
    the game bans where issued not because non native support but because the amd driver where using DLL injection and since DLL injection is how the anti cheat software works there was no other solution for the anti cheats than to also ban what AMD did.

    Originally posted by Kjell View Post

    Yup, this was covered by the article.

    The interesting part is, what type of modifications are done that allow this massive latency reduction even in Linux. Reducing amount/sizes of buffers in internal drivers? Tuning power management? Why can't these tweaks be toggled by the user without Reflex library?

    I suppose answers to this lies in how the FOSS version works, LatencyFlex
    ‚ÄčAFAIK it all works via callbacks that the game engine uses via the Reflex SDK (here is how it works under Vulkan: and most likely nVidia made the same structures and callbacks in DX12 as they did in Vulkan so there are no modifications being done in Linux, instead there are just a translation between those calls and the callbacks being done.

    Also AFAIK AMD went a different route with antilag+ where they have no callbacks and instead does it all internally in the drivers so not sure if that can be so easily translated to.
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      Originally posted by RejectModernity View Post

      Wow, thanks I guess.
      Cope harder while I enjoy it.


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        Originally posted by RealNC View Post
        I remember looking at it some years ago. It didn't work with vsync, so useless to me. But apparently it's still not fixed. No vsync support.
        Man, I don't know if you're trolling or just ignorant or what. Using vsync and caring about latency is like burning coal 24/7 and caring about the environmental impact of your phone's charging consumption.

        tl;dr Why the fuck do you give a shit of latency reduction if you use vsync? It's already raising it beyond hope of salvation.


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          Vsync does not raise latency at all when it doesn't cap fps with VRR (which Reflex also prevents). Or only by ~half a frame when there would be tearing otherwise.
          Probably don't get that verbal when you are missing crucial knowledge.


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            Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
            Yes, but it currently works only with very poor frame pacing in conjunction with vsync, which also kills experience on Wayland and on Xorg with VRR (as that forces TearFree).
            Maybe some "HAGS" equivalent is missing, I'm also getting worse results without it on Windows. When FSR 3's FG part works correctly on Windows with HAGS (with driver-forced vsync), it's mighty impressive though.
            Yeah I dunno, haven't tried it myself but someone makes videos with it on YT with Linux 4k DLSS-FG and said it was not laggy or pacy at all.