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Wine 9.4 Released With VKD3D 1.11 Bundled, OpenGL Support For Wayland Driver

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    Originally posted by Nth_man View Post

    "By numbers, the largest group of people are using Linux computers are at work, so the Dell Precision, XPS, Lenovo PCs and ThinkPads. There are a few models for vendors like ASUS, Acer and Gigabyte (where whey want to see a thin/server SKU board to a big customer that demands LVFS support) and there are updates for SSDs from vendors like Samsung/Micron/etc with specific Lenovo/Dell SKUs -- but it's really up to the vendors to care about Linux users. Which means, buying hardware that advertises fwupd/LVFS support and not giving money to companies that literally don't care about Linux users.

    Notably, most of the same vendors that don't care about LVFS-provided updates are also the same ones with a terrible firmware security track record, so make your choices accordingly. We can't legally ship updates without the vendor uploading them to us and giving us permission to distribute. Buy stuff listed here: <> and you'll be helping a lot."
    -- hughsie on​
    And that shows that everything is available?

    it does not and my point stand.

    About the giving money to companies that dont support Linux, we know very well that many here love to ignore that and others dont have an option. Perfect example is that cable i linked, i have no choice if i want to connect my PC to my TV AND wanting 120hz support.


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      Originally posted by kiffmet View Post
      For some reason, wine 9.4 refuses to compile for me on Gentoo x64, unless I deactivate Wayland support for the package.
      I get the error:
      EGL 64-bit development files not found, the Wayland driver won't support OpenGL
      despite all the necessary libraries and headers being present on my system (I checked the file).

      This is just a nitpick, because I use prebuilt Proton for most stuff and my system WINE install is kind of a fallback, which can also use XWayland for all I care.
      in my case show same error, maybe because xfce on xubuntu 24.04 dont support wayland however i have wayland development libraries but wayland for my case is a

      this wine version as talked before give a huge update for 32bit games and this affect stability

      normally wine shows suddenly crashes in various 32bit games but with VK_EXT_map_memory_placed, this problem has been resolved in various games in my case​

      avatar (movie based) the videogame

      in before tests this game show suddenly crashes and sometimes freezes in blue lagoon, normally dont be possible explore all blue lagoon at begins because show suddenly crashes in any moment

      but now with lastest mesa and wine-git (now 9.4) dont show any crash in around 4 hours of gameplay

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        Originally posted by poncho524 View Post
        But can it run iTunes yet?
        May not matter much.


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          Can't wait for Wayland support to be merged! Congratulations WINE team! Slowly getting a usable Wayland setup.