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    Originally posted by sophisticles View Post

    Yes and no. Windows 11 was a free upgrade if you had a fully licensed copy of Windows 10, but only to the same version, i.e. Home Edition to Home Edition.

    If you wanted to go from Win 10 Home to Win 11 Pro, or whatever it's called these days, you have to pay.

    Win 10 Home and Win 11 Home can also be clean installed for free on Dell and HP computers, i have done this with laptops, AIOs and Desktops, and if the installer detects it's being installed on a system with a motherboard from one of these companies, during the install you will be asked to enter a valid key, if you do not, a fully licensed and activated Win 10 or Win 11 Home edition is installed.

    I have done this many times, perfectly legal, not advertised, i can't seem to find any documentation on it, i ran into this by accident but it works.
    They've been using this method for decades. At least since 7 to 8, 8 to 10, but by then, I was well over caring as it started to get weird for licensing such as LTSC's and MS was already gone from 95% of my gear anyway and I thought I saw some sort of 'free' upgrades to 11. Not he same as 8-10, but as you say, the limitations of th version came in to play.


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      Originally posted by tenchrio View Post
      • The vast majority of Windows users run shit as adminstrator, you probably included.
      • The vast majority of Windows users install through exe (as in most cases a msi (microsoft install) package isn't even available, let alone windows store but I already posted above how full of Malware that is, have fun figuring out which of the 10 VLC media players is the real one)
      • The vast majority of Windows users turn off Windows defender (especially gamers, wait a minute aren't you one?)
      • The vast majority of Windows users delay updates (remember when Microsoft had to force PCs to restart, good times)
      • The vast majority of Windows users install kernel software that is absolutely unnecessary for the operating system (grandma and grandpa love their Genshin fix)
      You do not realize what you just admitted, do you? You admitted that many of the security issues that have plagued Windows over the years are the result of the way Windows users configure and use Windows than any inherent security inferiority.

      If Linux users log in as root and install and run any piece of crap they find on the internet, they would have even more problems than Windows users had back in the Win 9x days.

      The vast majority of Windows users run shit as administrator
      This is not accurate, the Windows Admin account is analogous to the root account on *Nix, people are not logging in as root what they are doing is running with Admin privileges which is analogous to running sudo on Linux: