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Proton 9.0 Beta Makes More Games Playable Under Steam Play, Updates VKD3D-Proton & DXVK

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    Originally posted by Sethox View Post

    That was the promise and the project goal for Proton. To take all the pain from developers that releases their application on the Steam Platform, developers has less to think about while Valve has it's community to solve the problems with Proton.

    In terms of Palworld, it's beta software/early access, so it's obviously going to be un-optimized.
    It’s had record sales. At this point regular feature updates and regular performance updates (or at least open communication about those) would be expected.

    and yes i know, I was saying that it’s amazing tech but it’s not magic for games that should be doing more, faster, to start resolving some mega performance issues on AMD hardware.


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      Originally posted by RejectModernity View Post

      No wayland support atm. But you can bump this thread so the devs might consider enabling it
      Sounds like hard cope to me. But keep coping.


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        Finally LotR: Gollum!


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          Will give it a try so maybe it resolves the mystery as to why forza horizon 5 runs at 70 something fps on a 7900xtx @ 4K under ChimeraOS.


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            Originally posted by Kjell View Post
            Is there any easy way to enable Wayland support in Proton 9.0 without having to modify the registry/wine prefix for every individual game?

            Would have been better if it was a environment variable you set in launch options rather than outright removing.


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              Originally posted by baka0815 View Post
              Finally LotR: Gollum!
              That confirms it is really THAT game. OMFG. Why? I hope this was enabled by accident and not work put into getting this running. There are so many others which would need fixing, esp. getting them to start at all. Some recent Warhammer (Fatshark studios) titles got some AntiCheat-stuff patched in and stopped running at all. It just sucks.
              But Gollum? There have been worse games in history certainly, but still this would be low priority. But I guess it was more a side-effect that this got running.
              Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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                The steamdeck is probably the only wayland box I will get to play with for a while (NVIDIA needed for work, and the "showstoppers" is still pretty long).

                Excellent piece of kit. However....

                Anyone know why a dock connected to a TV wouldn't work, when the same dock connected to a 4K monitor works fine?

                This is probably the only linux box I have ever used where suspend/resume works so well - and I've had a few...


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                  I'm on Arch. Since the update to 6.7 kernel, Mesa and Vulkan updates that happened at the same time, any DX12 games crash a/o lock up my system with SteamPlay/Proton. Anything DX11 works great. Was hoping the updates I got today to 6.7.6-arch1-2 plus Mesa & Vulkan along with Proton 9 might fix it but nope. Worked fine prior to 6.7. 5800X3D cpu, 7900XT gpu.