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Last Call For Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

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    nice ^^

    don't worry, as soon as it hits page four nobody will see my post anyway and people will continue attempting to request keys in this thread.


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      progress onward children. There are posts to be made!


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        Beta Key

        This game looks amazing and i want to try it out so bad. If someone has a beta key that they are willing to give to me that would be much aprieciated. Thanks in advance.
        My email is: [email protected]


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          .... and now its even more amusing.


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            i'll send this 1 an email.

            or maybe 600


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              I think Phoronix needs to end the beta key giveaway, this is too crazy. I said in another thread that I thought that the beta key giveaway brought alot of Windows users too requesting keys, I said something like 60% Linux users, 40% Windows users, but now I'm gonna say 80% of these requests gotta be Windows users and the rest are Linux users. Theres just too much spam.

              You know if one of these guys is a Linux user because he doesn't beg, he just tells it how it is. It would be great if these keys only worked with only the Linux client. It would be really amusing then. But unfortunately they can take one of the keys and download the Windows version


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                I am dota veteran

                Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                Phoronix: Last Call For Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

                A week ago when S2 Games let us start handing out beta keys for Heroes of Newerth, their forthcoming title that is currently undergoing closed beta testing. In about 24 hours we had already given out around 450 beta keys and Linux gamers were very excited...

                I have played dota since it came out. I really like the graphics and gameplay, but its getting kind of old. I was wondering if i could have 1 or 2 beta keys to try out this new game HoN. I thought that the graphics looked pretty insane.



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                  Cool game.


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                    Originally posted by rob2687 View Post
                    Cool game.
                    correct me if im wrong but doesn't this qualify as discussing the game?


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                      beta key

                      I would like to request a beta key so I can try out this new game.