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Last Call For Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

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  • Hey, if it is still possible, could i get a beta key? big fan of the game it's based off of. thx

    [email protected]


    • HoN Beta Key

      Hi, i've been playing dota for about 4 years and i'd like to request a HoN beta key in order to play with the rest of my friends, if there are none left excuse the intrusion. Laterz


      • I've been playing DotA for about 4 years now and have been looking everywhere for a beta key. If there are any left could I have one please or if anyone wants to trade one for a LoL beta key. Send to my email please at [email protected]

        Thanks I hope there are some left!


        • Greetings,

          I've been searching for a site that offers beta keys for HON for days now and at last i found it. Hope i can have one. I really love the game and the graphics is stunning than DotA. Well i still wanna try it if it really differs on the gameplay. Thanks

          [email protected] - Thanks !


          • [email protected]
            love the game... kinda reminds me of the graphics in starcraft 2... hope I can play it soon


            • Nice!!

              thanks so much for giving away beta keys! i'm so excited that i could finally play this game man! wooooo!

              [email protected]


              • can you give me a beta key


                i really love to get a beta key.
                i alreay downloaded the client and just need a beta key to play it..

                hope your going to give me one..

                i played dota for 4 years already and im so interested to play HoN..

                please beta key to my mail [email protected]

                thanks you so much


                • big fun

                  requesting for a beta key.

                  thanks guys. im just a big fun of this game...

                  hope you will give me a beta key as soon as you read this.

                  thanks again and God Bless!!!

                  [email protected]


                  • Can i please have a key

                    can i please have a beta keys for heroes of newerth.
                    My email add is [email protected]
                    i really would appreciate it if i could test the game myself. thank you so much.


                    • Does i still have a chance to get a beta key

                      I know i am a bit late, but if there is still a chance to have a beta key of heroes of newerth. I would appreciate it if you could send me one. I play dota almost everyday. I really love this game. My email is : [email protected]
                      Thank you very much.