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Windows NT Synchronization Primitive Driver Updated For The Linux Kernel

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    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    It's not about Windows vs Linux on servers, it's about whether they have both Windows version and a Linux port. That's what you claimed. That's extremely rare. Almost nobody bothers to actually port that on the server side.
    Its extreamly common for a game that has a Windows only client to have Windows and Linux decanted server implementations with the Linux decanted server being a latter add on.

    Weasel lot of games are split into really two bits. Client that the user has that commonly not ported to Linux. Server part that is common to be ported to Linux with majority of cases as cost stack up.

    Windows licensing and Wine overhead both provide pressure port to Linux for the server side.

    Weasel something to remember you want to let user play single player or provide their own servers this equals needing the provide Windows versions of the game server software and the like. But then your mass server hosting Linux is your cheaper hosting. Yes the client application not ported but the server for the application ported to Linux for games is very common. This has annoyed Linux game players for a long time they see a Linux version of game download it and find out all it is is the decanted server of the game nothing more.

    Weasel full ports of a game to Linux is not common. The part port of just the decanted server bit is highly common and it cost driven.