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HITMAN 3 Will Now Launch On Intel GPUs Under Linux After Hiding The GPU Vendor

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    Originally posted by OneTimeShot View Post
    One of the dirty secrets of popular games is that the GPU vendors add "optimisations" specifically for a game. At that point, developers not only have to deal with hardware problems, but also bugs that only get triggered by undocumented tweaks in the drivers...

    It's not surprising that a whole lot of problems go away when you don't tell the game what driver it is using...
    This seems to happen a lot with ported titles from NIXXES. I observed vram buffer overflows on an amd gpu. After trying many things in vain i then simply disguised that amd gpu as an nvidia gpu per gpu spoofing. All of a sudden the title respected the gpu vram limits, stayed below the physical vram size and did not slow down anymore. Another title was very picky when launching despite applying several patches also all in favour of nvidia. And on one occasion NIXXES even completely excluded amd gpus from ray tracing.

    As for the actual topic intel really should find a proper and more professional solution by solving the issue at the roots. Writing individual profiles for each title may result in bloating up the mesa driver sooner or later and is a pain in the a... in terms of maintainability.
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