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Windows NT Synchronization Primitive Driver For The Linux Kernel Revised

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    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    If I was in power I definitely would
    No objections :-) . Try to be in power. But let's recall that the world is changed by actions, not by strong words on this forum.

    Update: We have slightly different opinions here. Yet, noone of us has enough power to force other person to change its opinion. Maybe, that is also challenge for standardization: To look for better ways than just forcing - agreements, good communication, building of relations, etc. This way, the standardization might get stronger grounds and stronger support and become more effective.

    Originally posted by Weasel View Post
    Same with this topic. Look how pathetic Windows is, using UTF-16 for instance, when everything else is UTF-8.
    Standardization is definitely good thing. I like UTF-8 very much. But thanks for giving me freedom to use UTF-32 and other formats internally in my app, because for some reason, it provides me with advantages.
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