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Linux Gamers Are Excited For New Games

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  • Linux Gamers Are Excited For New Games

    Phoronix: Linux Gamers Are Excited For New Games

    A few hours ago we invited everyone to come play this new Linux-native game with us, which happened to be Heroes of Newerth by S2 Games. This game is still under development and details surrounding this title are very scarce as the media (including Phoronix), is not yet allowed to post any media or really talk about the game that much...

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    I got a key last week. I've only had time to play once, but I must say it is very very cool. looking forward to having more time to play!


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      This is great news. Almost that there is not RPG on linux.

      Also, I couldn't retain myself from posting that one on Epic forums.

      Hi to Epic people.

      Just in case you didn't see, but S2 Games has released a beta game under linux, planned for being issued at the same time as the windows client.

      And guess what ? Dozen of players are already requesting keys for unlocking the beta version on linux.
      See that in

      Perhaps the linux gamers are not so few after all ??
      Hope this will make them understand that the linux side of computer is not so dark...

      I really wonder how much time it will take to delete that post. One day ? Few hours ?


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        I don't really like that kind of games, but nonetheless I appreciate it very much that they take the efforts to port this on linux.

        Saw it running on my friend system and looked quite good (however I don't play online games anymore).


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          Oh yea, S2Slacker already did a very good job with the Linux client!

          The next logical step for S2Games could be a MMORPG based in the Newerth universe. At least for me, that would be really awesome!


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            I'm kinda late here, but I'd really love a key


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              Requesting beta key

              Requesting beta key, it's great to see a commercial game supporting linux.


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                I've played in 3 games so far, and while I still suck at it, I'm getting better, and it is loads of fun. It's a lot like DotA but the gfx are really sweet. It seems to have very irregular loading times tho. I have been the last to load in each of the games I've played and my system isn't slow either (C2D E6600, 2GB Ram, 7900GT 512MB.) Does anybody else have some comments on loading times?


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                  Requesting Beta Key.

                  (I have one, is for a friend if that's okay)

                  Excelent game.

                  It has some excelent graphics, easy to play, great UI. I never seen a linux game running so smooth.
                  Even for people that aren't in gaming or this style of game (I never had played DotA in my life) is definitifly worth a try.

                  I hope S2 keeps this way and shows other publishers that THERE are a market for linux gaming.
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                    i played 3-4 games yesterday and it was a lot of fun!
                    dota players will feel comfy in a matter of 1-2 games...
                    the heroes are pretty different, but the items are almost all the same..
                    im tempted to buy if it goes gold