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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • I would like to request a beta key so I can try out this new game.


    • I would like to request a beta key. It would be the first time I play an RTS game on Ubuntu Jaunty.


      • looks fantastic! is there a betakey left for me?


        • Originally posted by Michael View Post
          Latest batch of keys now sent out... S2 Games also sent out another 400 keys to me now.
          This is crazy, I'm really surprised to see S2 so interested in Linux Gamers.

          I mean I don't post on forum often but I'm everyday on the website, seeing news about hardware or software. Because the site meet what I want to know about Linux news.

          I really hope this all new beta testers will give good feedback over the forum S2 to proof that Linux gamers are worth it !

          Thank you to all in advance. And thank you Michael.


          • Long time reader first time poster requesting a Beta Key.

            Current hardware is a p8600 @2.4ghz, nVidia 9600GS M 512MB
            I game on Arch Linux 2.6.30

            Its always great to hear news of native linux games. Being a GNU/Linux user since 1999 I have been privileged to enjoy games like freeciv, tremulous, and of course the gnome collection (chess).

            News like this proves there is a market for video games on the GNU/Linux, especially for smaller producers who don't want to be eaten up by the behemoth EA.



            • Hi there I'd like to beta test it, hoping to give feedback ^_^ (what system is used for that??)

              I think that it's time for serious game dev's to develop for Linux. If done correctly it uses the entire system af lot more effectively than "competitors" products.

              I hope to play the game on Arch Linux 2.6.30
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              • I'd like a key to try out this game



                • "Try out"... ROFL... sorry guys, but this topic makes me laugh. It's a beta test. Beta testing is about improving a game not playing it before anybody else can.


                  • I, too, would like a beta-key please, assuming any are left.


                    • please add one more to the beta key request.

                      What is the current count up to now?