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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • I've always been interested in S2 games ever since the first Savage was released and am consistently impressed with the fact that they have released all their great games natively for Linux. I would love to give the latest installement from the Newerth world a try. I wonder how gracefully it will run on open source drivers :-p.

    In case it matters, I am running a 64 bit system, so I'll be needing that binary.



    • I would like to try too, can you invite me please ?
      I am 64 bit too.
      Thank you


      • Hello! I really appreciate your efforts and I would like to show it by testing the game. Hope you have a beta key for me too.


        • beta key

          I'm slowly converting my friends and coworkers to the linux revolution - gaming is definitely an area where I am lacking ammunition. While wine has been a great tool, it often times can be a frustrating experience and for the masses, its sometimes a bit too much to ask.

          I've only been using linux as my main since ubuntu 8.04, but i've managed to get a bunch of friends to buy E2QW a couple a months ago and have had a blast with LAN play. Also, I payed for Savage 2 (played on windows) and thought it was a great game - they changed the fighting mechanics somewhere along the way and it seemed a whole lot less interesting, but then released it for free. S2 seem like a pretty cool company and one of the only ones (maybe Stardock) that seems to be trying new things...reasonable prices, linux support, drm-free games. Regardless, I definitely want to support this company and their endeavor on linux. So please send me a key.


          • Not sure if it's too late. So many replies! I would love to participate, though. I just downloaded a fresh Kubuntu CD for this purpose (and also to see if I can make the leap to KDE. My desktop died recently, and my lappy's on Windows mostly for gaming and uni work).

            Anyway, I've never been a big gamer, but I will play the games I love to death, and RTS is my genre. I'd love to help make this a success ^_^


            • An invitation please!!!

              Originally posted by phoronix View Post
              Phoronix: Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

              S2 Games may not be as well known as id Software or Epic Games, but what distinguishes them from most of the other game companies is that they actually support Linux. With S2 Games' Savage 2, for example they provide a Linux-native game client...

              I would love to have an invitation please.....


              • HI I would like to try too, can you invite me please ?
                I need a beta key
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                • I would like to play too. Can I get a beta key?



                  • I really wonder how well this game works in linux, can I have a beta key too? Thanks


                    • I hope it isn't too late. I've been playing a lot DotA under wine but there are some bugs I'd love to try this new native game.
                      64 bit gentoo user
                      Thank you.