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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • I've been playing DotA for 3 years. And I'm a huge DotA fan.
    I would like to request a beta key.


    • I've been playing DotA for many years, and would like to try this game out on Linux. I would like to request a key so i can make my holidays a little more interesting!


      • i would like to request a beta key...i love rts but there are sooo little for linux, and a native client w/o wine is few and far between


        • Beta key

          I would love a beta key.
          I have been reading your articles from Linux news sites and I came across this news twice. That was too much and i couldn't resist no more.
          I love the idea of gaming in Linux. I used to be a hardcore gamer before coming to Linux.

          Please please give me a beta key.
          Thanks in advance.


          • Heroes of Newerth for Linux - We need more Linux games!

            Thanks you Phronixers for helping evangelize Linux games to game developers. It is a cliche, but "If you built it, they will come"

            I'd like a beta key to try the game. I'm an old school Sony MMO gamer with many years experience. Further I've many different hardware platforms to beta test against in a single room. Lastly I enjoy testing various distributions on those platforms and could add value to the testing with my hardware suite.

            Games have driven the hardware envelope for many years, especially the video graphics area. Games can help drive Linux into more and more users hands if given a really "killer" game. Hook we gameers up with a well made, open, free, and immerse game and then offer paid improvements over time. It could work.



            • I'd love to give it a shot!

              Can I have a key please


              • Heroes of Newerth by S2 Games

                I would like to request a beta key so I can help test the new game Heroes of Newerth by S2 Games. Thank you.


                • I would also like to request a key for the game. I'd like to beta test it, possibly write a review of the game.


                  • Big Fan of Phoronix. Been following the site since 2005. Always follow the news on here, never posted before until now.

                    I Would love to beta test the new game! the second you mentioned the words Dota.. I have to see what its like.

                    Thank you Phoronix and S2 games!

                    I'd been using ATI for a long time. Finally bought an nvidia card for gaming. Still have an ATI x1300 in the HTPC, which lags a little on the 720p stuff but I think the open source drivers are starting to shape up!


                    • I would love to beta test this game if possible.
                      My Qualifications:

                      - I'm a self-employed web developer, so I will allow myself to play at work.
                      - I have an ATI 4870 that's being under utilised.
                      - I post plenty of Phoronix articles on Reddit.
                      - I play DOTA, as do many of my friends.