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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • Beta key

    I woud like a beta key too...

    I watched HoN on facebook all the time, but unfortunately I missed the key there.

    I currently play Savage 1 (with excellent XR mod), Savage 2 and DoTA too, because it all runs well on 64-bit Linux, so I am really curious about this new and completely native (on Linux) S2 game and I hope I can help with testing and reporting.



    • Thqanks!

      Thank-you for the offer to test and to promote you line f software for the Linux machines. I have been building and fooling around with computers since the mid-seventies and my current mission is to promote Linux to high-school and college. The number one sticking point with this age group is the very limited access to main-line computer games.

      Here's hoping that I qualify nut no matter which way this goes, thank-you for Your efforts in the Gamers Market.


      • Key request

        I'd love to be able to beta test this. I have tried Wine and Cedega before but would love to see more games come out in a linux port. It would definitely allow me to not have to dual boot anymore.


        • Whoa this is great! I'm always biting my nails off when there are beta's going on not available for linux. (quake live, battlefield heroes)

          It's really about time developers are going to see that linux is a great gaming platform. The way it is now makes me go into a corner and cry.
          (please don't come to me with stuff like tuxracer)

          I really enjoy gaming on my Arch linux box and Ubuntu box, stuff like Unreal tournament and Neverwinter nights are a daily thing almost.

          Sign me up for a key! I'll fight for you with all my (64bit Quad core, 8 gig, geforce 8800gtx) penguin strength!!
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          • 32bit Slackware user - BETA key

            Slack 12.2 user here, huge DOTA fan. Play DOTA in wine all the time, and I'd love to test out HoN on my slack box.

            I'd really like to see S2 succeed with this game, as I hope it will be able to let the other publishers know we linux gamers are here. Gaming is the only reason I keep Windows around, as some titles just wont work even in Wine.

            Speaking of HoN, I'm hoping that it has great stat tracking and something to work around leavers. Leavers ruin so many games in DOTA, and makes pub games almost impossible.

            (edit: added some more thoughts on Linux gaming, HoN.)
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            • beta key

              I'd like to request a key. I think its great you are developing games for Linux & would love to help beta test


              • Ubutnu 9.10

                Running ubuntu 9.10, would love to beta test for the game. May I have a key?


                • I would like a key. I have Linux machines with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel graphics, with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Linux, so could give the game testing on a few different kinds of systems if that's helpful.


                  • Pay Money

                    I am interested in this game, and would even pay for it if it is good!


                    • I've been a long time fan of Phoronix, but had yet to join the forums. I just bought a new tablet and am looking forward to some good native games in Linux.

                      In addition to trying out this game for a possible purchase, I will be purchasing the Penumbra series as well. I haven't tried Savage 2 yet, but I've heard good things.

                      Can I get a key to try out this game?