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    key please

    Honestly I'm not sure were, when and how linux gaming will be taken seriously. It's great to see companies like S2, id and others making great titles for linux but they are really a minority... It's hard and costly for the companies to target wide hardware range and at the same time different OS's. According to recent numbers only recently desktop linux usage reached 1% of the total market share... I hope this cenario changes quickly because I'm tired of dual-boot just because of gamming :P

    One thing that really needs to appear are flexible, easy and powerfull frameworks to leaverage the work of dealing with portability. I know that there are great frameworks like OGRE and CS but I know from experience that they are no DX SDK by far.

    Even little things like SMP are hardly perfect... Recently I worked with OpenMP and I must tell you that it's really hard to achieve the same efficiency when comparing to native hardcoded solutions...

    Let's see how things evolve and maybe the current paradigm begins to change for better for the *nix world


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      Would love a beta key! The less I have to rely on my dual-boot, the better. Not to mention, something based off DoTA = YAY!


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        Great news. Hope the extra work pays of for them. I also would like a beta-key. thanks!


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          I'm not much of a RTS fan (having played the first C&C and Warcraft games, but not much more) but I'll do anything to help along Linux-based gaming. (That even means buying Linux games that I either already owned for Windows or that I wasn't going to play much anyway)

          Luckily the future for graphics drivers seems bright, now if they would only do something about sound which most of the time seemd the most troublesome thing to get working with games!

          So please, sign me up for a key


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            It's definitely nice to see some companies supporting Linux, perhaps some day this OS will really get some attention
            I used to play DotA (under Wine) on regularly some months ago (it's such a fun game once you get the grip and don't get powned all the time anymore), and I'd really love to get this experience natively on my Linux box. (that is, one more beta key for me please )


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              I would like to request a key for playing the game. I use linux since 2005, I'm software developer and I fully support people who develop games for linux


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                Key to the game

                I would love to have a key. I've been using Ubuntu since 7.04 and would love to enjoy more gaming opportunities on it!


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                  I am also interested in a key. I've been playing Savage2 for some time on my computer, and so I'm excited to try the new game by the company.

                  I wonder how it will perform on my Intel card (yes, the one with terrible performance)... Luckily I also have a Linux computer with an NVIDIA card, which so far has been good at handling any games I threw at it! (binary driver, of course)


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                    Beta Key

                    I also would like a beta key.

                    I like playing PC games quite a bit. I am excited to see more coming to Linux. Hopefully we reach a "critical mass" point here soon!


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                      Hi guys, would be cool if you give me a key for this Linux game. -- Thanks.