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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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    I want to have a key too. I played Savage 2 and am looking forward to the next game from S2 Games.


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      It would be a pleasure for me to test (please read: to play) this new GNU/Linux Game and i would be happy to receive a beta key. I sadly remember the old times when gaming was impossibile for linux users.

      Now things are much better and the news of a new upcoming linux game is a further step in the right direction! Hoping more will follow


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        I'd like a beta key. I do all my gaming on Linux now and find that wine works well for most games I play, but I'm always looking out for native games. So far I play natively: UT2004, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and Savage 2. Other than that, WoW, Diablo 2, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Tribes 2, emulators, and Steam games all work great in wine, but I prefer native games because i get much better framerates and performance. I run 64-bit Ubuntu and am always looking out for things that run in native 64-bit. S2 does a great job about this, and I'd really like to test 64-bit compatibility.


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          I am very excited to hear that S2 is this eager to support its Linux user base. I own Savage and Savage 2 and they are both great games. I have played DotA on WC3 a long time ago and it is a GREAT game for LAN play. I would appreciate it if you would please give me a key. I will also be informing some of my other buddies who are gamers of this beta program.


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            I run 64 bit Ubuntu, and would absolutely love to test out this native game. I really don't play any commercial games nowadays, one of the mains reasons is lack of support of course.

            Cheers for S2 Games!


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              I wouldn't mind obtaining a beta key. Though if I get it, I'll be playing on an xps 1330 laptop, so it might not be able to handle it (for too long). Playing Hedgewars results in massive slowdowns after a while, due to overheating (thanks Nvidia!), although my recently purchased Penumbra collection seems to be handled fine.

              That being said, I haven't played DoTA, but I still remember playing that Warcraft III scenario (on wine, so it wasn't all that pleasant), where you command a bunch of heroes through an entire campaign, without having to build bases and such. That was pretty fun.

              edit: I wonder if you would actually get close to 400 replies on this article.
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                Getting a quality RTS for linux would be the cat's pajamas! Can I get one of the beta keys? I am running an ATI card by the way.


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                  Native Linux Games

                  I love native Linux games. I have Doom 3, Prey, UT2004 and Enemy Territory. I hate messing with wine and trying to get something to run on system that is not designed to be run on that system.

                  I have tried a demo of S2 Savage 2 and it looked like a great game, I just didn't feel like getting into a long RPG game.

                  I love strategy games and I've never played one in Linux before so I'm excited to see the native Linux strategy game.

                  I would love to receive a key for the beta for this game.



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                    Please yes. I love RTS games and my best option at the moment is to play Starcraft or Warcraft 3 in wine. A quality Linux native RTS would be incredible.

                    Edit: That means "Yes yes please send me a beta key!"


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                      Woohoo a warcraft III style DotA game but more advanced and I can play it natively on Ubuntu!

                      I'd love to have a key, thank you!