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  • beta key please

    i watched my friend play that HoN and it really took my ass off... the graphics looked so cool and now i wanna play that too, but unfortunately i just heard that there was this beta key thingy... just wanna request for one too. thanks very much

    e-mail= [email protected]


    • Request for beta key

      I would like a beta key =)my email is [email protected]


      • Originally posted by chuche17 View Post
        I am running PCLinuxOS 2009, one of the most stable Linux distros I've ever tried. I have always had to run most of my games under wine :/ I use Windows solely to play DotA and this game blows it out of the water in terms of graphics and features not currently present in Blizzard's When I heard that IceFrog gave S2 Games his blessing to make a standalone DotA clone I was super excited. I have heard great things about HoN even in-game on DotA and I just can't wait to try it out... on LINUX for a change Ahhh the best of both worlds, my Linux and DotA happily married! Please send me a beta key!

        [email protected]
        Sent (Cause of the awesome name) + little story.


        • HoN BETA KEY

          hey there.. i am a great fun of this game and ive been waiting but then i dunno how to get key. so pls can you spare me one HoN beta key pls. email me at [email protected]



            We have a new challenge. When we hit 200,000 fans we will open up beta registrations for 24 hours. We will notify all the facebook fans via a fan update (as usual). Let's get to 200,000 quickly by spreading the word!
            at: 177,727
            so it is a better/more useful use of yr time to get ppl to sign up to the facebook group.


            • hey I would like to get a beta key becuse I like to play dota and I have seen some movies at youyube and hon looks relly nice so I would love to test it out so please phoronix give me a hon beta key here is my email [email protected]

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              • I would love to try HoN beta if there are any keys left. What I wouldn't do to get rid of my Windows partition (DotA is too slow under wine ;_; ).


                • I would like to request a beta key please. I switch to linux only about 2 years ago and stopped playing WC3 due to performance in Wine. Currently the only game I play is EVE Online and am VERY excited about HoN, not only because I liked the mod in WC3, but also because it's a native linux game!
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                  • I would like a HoN beta key

                    hey I relly want a beta key becuse I wanna try out this awsome new game I have seen some movies of it on youtube and it looks relly nice Im playing dota atm but hon is just like dota but better so please email me a key.
                    my email is: [email protected]


                    • HON

                      Hey ive heard a lot about this new game. Ive been playing dota for 5 years waiting for its own game to come out. Now that it has I really want to play. Is there any way I could get a beta key for Heroes of Newarth?? I would greatly appreciate it.