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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • Beta Key

    I would like to ask for a beta key, too.
    I'm writing on and it would be an honor to test the game and write a review about it.



    • A Key Please

      I would love a key. I have bought and played savage 2 for a long time. would love to try this game. I have been using Linux for a few months now i am so glad that i no longer have to live my life to windows.


      • I would ask for a beta key too, a friend told me about this game and i'm pretty interested in playing and testing it, so if you have a spare one, you know who to send it to ;D


        • Beta test on Linux

          I want to try this native game on Linux, of course I can run it

          My Pc specification

          Quad-core 2.4 gz
          2 GB RAM
          512 MB 7300 GX Nvidia
          Ubuntu 9.04

          I wanna see how this game run in Linux!

          My mail is [email protected]


          • Plz send me a key, i'm from chile, and i try to play this game in my linux s.o.
            obviusly i can run this game in my pc xD
            Plz send the key for PM or for [email protected]

            Thanks you so much!


            • Can i have a beta key please?

              I use ubuntu 9.04


              • i'm rlly, rlly want a beta key!! plz!!
                i've been playing dota for 5 years, and i waiting this game for one.
                plz! give me a beta key!

                Thanks in advance! cya!

                PD: my mail: [email protected]


                • Hey I would love to have a beta key if you have any left!

                  I have been a fan since DOTA first came out several years ago... War3 will and always will be one of the best RTS's out there. Hopefully this game will not replace the history that is DOTA in War3 but engrave its name in history.


                  • Beta key

                    I'd love a beta key if you have any available.

                    I'm not normally much into gaming, but I'm always on the lookout for a good Linux game.



                    • Key Please

                      Hello, I have searched far and wide for a key to this game and it has been very difficult. This game looks amazing and I would love the opportunity to get into this beta. I have been a fan of DoTA for years. Please, if you have any more keys send me one. It would be greatfully appreciated and thank you for helping end my struggle to find one.


                      Email- [email protected]