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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • I am good with QA (that is to say I am quite destructive really), give me beta access and I shall do my best to make that bugtracker red hot.

    Also I want to see how gameable this is on my netbook (don't ask why, ask why not)

    Consider beta key requested.


    • Hi Phoronix Team,

      it's very nice, that you made this possible, and for S2 it's very nice, that a site like phoronix spreads their news.
      i've been playing Savage2 for several months and i also played Savage 1 sometimes, shortly before Savage 2 was released.
      i totally enjoyed especially Savage 2, a very nice game, they put much effort and love into it: you can see this only by looking how often they updated the game (for free!). it's a nice, polished game with many small details which make it much fun to play.

      i am looking forward for another wonderful S2 game, and that's why i really would like to get a beta key from you guys.

      Thanks in advance!


      • Native Linux Game? Great!

        I would like to request a beta key as well. I like using Linux, but have to use Windows for gaming since few games are natively running on other platforms. Therefore, I appreciate any effort taken to publish more native linux-games.


        • Always had fun playing DotA with friends, would be nice to try this game and see if it holds up!


          • I do not have tons of free time but...

            Hey Michael,

            Thanks for providing the opportunity to beta test a new Linux title! I do not have tons of free time but would enjoy trying to find bugs in the game. lets hope that my weak IGP HD3200 will cut it :/. Please provide me with a beta key.



            • I would love to test this game may I please have a key



              • It's somewhat of a shame that Linux gaming is still along the lines of us looking at every 'big' game release with our mouth watering so much that we start to drool...

                I'm glad it's taking up lately, though. Let's hope the valve linux games will come at some point, too and a linux-version of the source-engine won't be a dream any longer.

                I'm salivating at the prospect of trying a new *linux native* rts/rpg mix, so I'd like to request a beta key, too =)


                • I would like to test this game. Im linux user.


                  • hey i have 3 possible testing machines in order to torture-test the game with and would very much enjoy a new game to play


                    • I'd love a key too. I've been playing C&C Generals using Wine to get my RTS fix.