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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • I'd like to receive a key too!

    I am sorry this is my first post. I have been reading phoronix for some time but i'm usually not that much into gaming. however i played dota extensivly for a while, but not atm. seeing a native linux version is kind of nice, and i'd really like to check it out! please hook me up with a key!



    • hi,
      i would be happy to get a beta key.
      and i would be happy to see more games running natively on linux


      • I?d like to try this game. While I?m not a fan of strategy genre but this looks not so complicated, taking into account that ETQW works badly in Ubuntu Jaunty makes me bored each time my computer is not booting Windows 7 RC.

        When the final game is launched, will you be able to use the same key for Linux and Windows version (and Mac)?


        • Hi My friends have this game and i love dota i would love a key so i could play with them.


          • I would like a key please

            I would like a key please



            • Would love a key to test this game on linux.


              • Sounds great, would love a beta key if any left


                • Hi!

                  I'm new to phoronix since 3 weeks, and I really enjoy the high-quality articles and news. As I switched from windows to ubuntu 2 months ago, I still haven't tested much games (except WoW and Warcraft III with wine). Experimenting this new game, based on DotA - which is my favorite map in Warcraft III - would be just awesome !

                  I hope I'll be giving the honour to receive a key .

                  Thanks in advance,


                  (ps : I know this looks like "I registered only for the key", but I read the forum every day, just that I don't chat too often and I quite never register to forums..)
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                  • Hi I'm trying to use only native Games on Linux but the offer is unfortunately very small. So I'd like to test and support this new game. Could you please send me an Beta Key for Heroes of Newerth.

                    Greeting Finglan


                    • beta key

                      hi guys . I would like to request a beta key so I can try out this new game.