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  • Heroes of Newerth

    Hey guys, can I jump on the band wagon and get a beta key for Heroes of Newerth, please?

    Thanks in advance!



    • Betakey request

      I've been curious for modern morpg and other real-time on-line games for a while. But as I know myself I've steered away from them for the sake of client requirements, time and money investments. The only reason for me to boot windows at home is to backup my phone. I usually get hooked on good games and when I do, the wallet and schedules suffer.

      I'm very unlikely beta tester, I have no previous experience and preconditions on games with the genre I assume this one to belong. I usually give feedback when requested, I have strong opinions and I think differently than most of the population.

      If you wish to satisfy my curiosity and gain an unlikely opinion, send me the key.


      • Hi!
        Iv'e played DOTA before and would love to beta test this game.


        • Request

          I'd like to request a key. Nice to see something new, that is not a FPS :-)


          • Request for a beta key

            I am not a big gamer. But from time to time i relax with games. Now i am bored from work and i need a little relax. May you send to me a one beta key?



            • Hmmm, looks quite cool, I did like Warcraft 3 when I played it but didnt try DotA, there other games look cool as well. Id quite like a key if possible. Im sure theres a few friends who would quite like it as well. Hmm pretty sure ill grab a copy once its released just to show my support to Linux as a potential gaming platform.


              • I wouldn't mind a beta key. Feel free to PM me with it. Thanks!

                This sounds like someone I would like to buy in the future after it is related.


                • I would like to participate in the beta testing. It's good that developers are interested in releasing native Linux games.

                  Too bad I will only be able to play it with the closed ATI drivers....


                  • Hi,

                    I would like to request one of the keys to participate on the beta tests of this game. I am a Linux user who buys games, but first I always check that the quality deserves the money.




                    • Would love a beta key please - been an avid DotA fan for a while now!

                      Much appreciated.