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0 A.D. Game Goes Open-Source

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  • 0 A.D. Game Goes Open-Source

    Phoronix: 0 A.D. Game Goes Open-Source

    Wildfire Games has decided to switch their development model for their real-time strategy title, 0 A.D., from closed-source to open-source. This 3D real-time strategy game is now having its code licensed under the GNU GPLv2 and the game content is going under the Creative Commons Attribute-Share Alike license. 0 A.D...

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    Wow. An open source RTS with not only acceptable but awesome texture detail. This is brilliant, i've been waiting for an AoE style RTS for a long time (though I didn't like AoE III). Maybe this will be what I'm looking for!


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      Wow, 8 years. I wonder what took them so long, but I guess we should be grateful that they turned around and didn't "move on".
      This is exciting!


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        Really great news! I will definitely be giving this a try when my distro gets it packaged. The screenshots look very good, but does anyone know what the gameplay is like?


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          Might be good to try this out after work...


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            The Screens look great. I'll try building it, but this:
            - Fix all the compiler errors somehow.
            Doesn't give me much hope. :P


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              The graphics look amazing!


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                The graphics look good, but don't get your hopes op.

                We're not releasing a playable game ? you'll have to wait until much later if that's what you're interested in. There are plenty of major missing features and bugs and rough edges.


                The code isn't all extremely clean or extremely modular or extremely well-written. It's been written by a wide variety of programmers, and it's far from a "completed" codebase.


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                  I still remember the discussions on about this game. Awesome music, too. Excited!

                  Edit: the game's main theme.
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                    Indeed a great theme and the game looks really nice. Hopefully we'll see a playable version in a few month!