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Thank You S2Games!!!!

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  • Thank You S2Games!!!! -- a linux client is coming as reported on Slashdot Game News

    The article is light on details but I quite enjoy Demigod (a game in the same vein) yet I would much rather play it on linux. Hope this will satisfy my Demigod fix ... must click click click.

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    Playing it now. Wish I could say more.


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      Originally posted by SlickMcRunfast View Post
      Playing it now. Wish I could say more.
      savage games are damn good, and new game seems to come also really great, dont have beta key, but waiting for release.

      they allways supported linux users, thats great!

      Thank You S2Games


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        I am also looking forward to that game. Just a few days ago if found out, that the dota team is doing a game their self, i was quite unhappy that they dont seem to be interested in a linux port (while mac users might be lucky).
        BUT now i am happy xD always loved dota (and wc3 in general)
        checking the whole net to get a beta key xD... lets see ^^


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          They've mentioned on their facebook page that once they get 10,000 fans they'll open up the beta testing to everyone that is a fan of HoN.

          Discussions about HoN are also allowed now but no media.

          Finally I have a couple of invites if anyones interested, pm me with an email addr. that I can use to send out the invite to.
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            Edit: All my invites are gone. Have fun with the beta!


            All HoN testers free to talk about HoN
            All participants in the HoN beta test now have express permission from S2 Games to communicate and discuss Heroes of Newerth publicly. This includes forum discussions and talking to friends and family. Our embargo on media relating to HoN (videos, screenshots) is still in full effect and we'd kindly ask our testers not to disclose any game related media to those not actively in the Heroes of Newerh Beta.
            Posted By: S2Fielding @ 7-13-2009 02:41:55 PM
            So it is quite a nice game, and runs without a hitch on Linux already. However for me personally it is maybe a but too close to DOTA (even graphically). And it is really annoying that you currently have to wait for 10 players to join a server.
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              Originally posted by Julius View Post
              I still have 4 invites for the beta I would be willing to share with fellow Linux users

              Just post here and PM me you email and you are in
              Could you please give me a key? I send you a PM with my email address


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                i'm also interested in having a key too...



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                  @Julius: You still got Keys? I'd really like to try this, since I used to play Dota quite a lot.

                  @topic: Looks almost like they took Dota 1:1 and added fancier graphics. But I've already read on some other sites that there are presumably more maps than just the classical Dota one, so I'm looking very much forward to this game.


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                    Originally posted by Setlec View Post
                    i'm also interested in having a key too...

                    PM me your email!