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Tweaking SteamOS For Better Steam Deck Performance

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    Interesting post. Especially for those of us who often play docked and want performance over battery life. It would be great if there was UI toggles for the governor and no mitigations especially since it will vary by game.


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      Can SteamOS call a script to execute profiling of binaries? For example schedulars, tweaks, logging etc.

      Seems like an obvious feature.​


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        For battery powered devices, I do not want the best performance. I want reasonable performance at maximum battery life. Of course, when plugged in/docked, it should switch to more powerful settings.


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          performance governor:
          not only it will eat up the battery faster, most Steam Decks gave an annoying cooling fan that would become even louder... in principle it would be ok to​ increase power consumption while plugged in or docked, but the extra noise might be too much... maybe when docked it will still be bearable because it will sit farther away from the user's ears, but when held this looks like a devilish recipe

          i think it's fair to assume people who bought a Steam Deck and run SteamOS on it will not be happy if their Steam account is hacked into and highjacked? some of those mitigations are remotely exploitable... Steam is a browser... and Steam overlay offers access to external websites, not just Valve-controlled content... these mitigations are not *all* for vulnerabilities that a single-user system wouldn't care about

          can anyone comment more on what this is and why it's interesting?