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Fedora 39 To Raise Its vm.max_map_count To Satisfy Some Steam Play Games

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    Originally posted by sophisticles View Post
    To the people that hated my suggestion about playing games on Windows and claim that you can play Windows games on Linux "just fine"m I defy you to play any of the Resident Evil games on Linux, except for RE4 Remake, which does run under Proton.

    All the rest of them do not run.

    Same thing with a lot of games,

    If course, I still think that the best option for gaming is a console, buy an XBOX, hook it up to a 50 inch TV and enjoy.
    I'm sorry if you get any bug haven't been fixed. But as my weekend routine, I'm playing AoE4 and FH5 on Linux very well without any stuttering image or fps drop. Notice that both of these games are developed by Mic, and only rank silver in protonDB. Yeah I knew some games act stupid on Wine or Proton, the most simple thing is anti cheat from Blizzard. But in general, I'm fine with gaming on Linux overall.