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ASUS Details ROG Ally Specs - $699 Gaming Handheld With AMD Z1 Extreme

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    Originally posted by avis View Post
    • Twice as fast as SteamDeck in pretty much everything
    Price is also higher by about the same amount performance is higher. A year later and 0 additive economic value for consumers.

    Originally posted by avis View Post
    • Runs Windows 11 by default, i.e. no problems with emulation/translation, DRM, anticheats and everything and you can run Windows software as well

    Personally I had no issues with Steam Deck in regards to these kind of problems. It depends on the games of course. For me Windows only reduces UX/UI experience by a lot. Also, some SD-specific features like suspending games won't work there.

    Originally posted by avis View Post
    • A much better screen - 1080p 120Hz

    1080p is useless for this size of a display. Wasted battery and performance. I really hope Valve won't do the same for Steam Deck 2.

    Originally posted by avis View Post
    • Supports an external GPU

    I don't see this being neither useful nor popular feature. The main point of a handheld PC is mobility and gaming on-the-go. In any other use-case desktop or notebook is far more superior device in pretty much anything.

    Steam Deck is not perfect, but the base model still offers the best value and Steam OS 3.x is still superior console-like experience in comparison to Windows consoles.


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      Originally posted by gsedej View Post
      When you don't know how else to market product, then you put "Dolby Atmos audio" or something
      dolby atmos is a nice feature. maybe linux will support it in a decade or two


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        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
        If this device becomes more popular than the Deck, Linux will die in consumer desktop space...
        what is dead may never die


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          in terms of this asus rog device specifically... this is probably another situation where certain aspects of r2r legislation would help consumers in terms of proprietary windows only vendor drivers. having more open hardware and access to chips, schematics around whatever is being used for the closed power management ics etc. and so on. because lets face it asus likes their proprietary in house chips. irog and all of that nonsense. we have seen from them for many yeats

          looking more broadly in the market this new amd apu soc will probably become in other competitor devices and get great linux support for steamos. so no worries about that aspect. and you know, maybe some other brand will actually include a touch screen while they are at it. not sure why asus did not... a bit of a clanger that on imho. and enough reason not to get this device. at least to wait until there is a new product with touchscreen

          and thats about all i have to say. oh and the blatant m$ kickbacks and absurd windows software. what level headed person would even want to get involved anything with that. a total clown show. maybe eu should come after them for that or have something relevant / worthwhile to say

          right to repair guys. right to repair. right to repait. even if it isn't broke yet


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            Its worhtwhile to watch Linus Tech Tips:

            Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring today’s video! Head to for all your ROG Ally screen protector and skin needs.Asus was a bit misleading ...

            especially if you are a bird.


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              Originally posted by avis View Post
              • Linux has no overhead, right? DXVK runs for free, right? KDE Plasma is a lean nice environment, right? No!
              And you do realise that Steam Deck does not run KDE Plasma in game mode, right?


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                Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post

                I just noticed that I haven't checked the memory configuration of the ASUS ROG Ally, and it's listed as dual-channel LPDDR5.

                And the internet lists LPDDR5 as having only a 32-bit memory bus at most.

                So, I guess that means it only has a 64-bit wide RAM interface vs. the Steam Deck's 128-bit one...
                Yup, it's listed as dual-channel, but they probably mean that it's dual channel in a traditional computer sense, so dual-channel 64-bit (not 32-bit) memory, which would result in a 128-bit bus. Maybe it's actually using 64-bit LPDDR5 memory, which I don't even know if that even exists or if any hardware vendor supports it.

                Seeing the difference in performance that single channel (64-bit interface) makes against dual channel (128-bit interface) in iGPU performance on laptops, I'm almost 100% sure that the ROG Ally has a 128-bit memory interface, just like the Steam Deck. Otherwise, it wouldn't make even half of the performance of Valve's handheld.


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                  Who here, as a phoronix supporter - in other words: What kind of a moron one has to be in order to...?No really... a lefty noob, a gen-z schmuck, a complete ignorant hack or perhaps all of the above one must be for that?(rhetorically)​ - would want to get that Asus shite?

                  It has to be Steam Deck only !! as long as Valve is the only toy maker who seeeriouslllyy! takes Open Source & substantially contribute to it - which benefits us all ! not only basement-kids - thank you Valve!

                  lots love, x. L.


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                    Originally posted by stormcrow View Post

                    Cisco and Juniper handle most of the actual Internet. Linux just handles a lot of the endpoints. If you're going to cheer for Linux, don't use hyperbole.
                    You info is years out of date, both Juniper and Cisco have switched to using Linux in their new product stacks. Cisco has been using Linux in high end switches and carrier-grade routers since 2015 and Juniper has been slowly putting Linux in new porducts over FreeBSD since 2018.


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                      Originally posted by avis View Post

                      Yeah, don't buy it and get a 100% refund automatically.

                      Linux will run on it just fine but who cares, let's hate it because ASUS doesn't want to waste a ton of money supporting a hobby OS where nothing is ever stable.
                      You are contradicting yourself. You regularly write in this forum that most of the Linux changes come from companies, but not enthusiastic people (you like to attack FOSS enthusiasts by this take). However, now you are writing it's "hobby" OS, which implies it's developed mostly by hobbyist and not some professionals in companies.