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Linux 6.3 Bringing Proper Support For The 8BitDo Pro 2 Wired Controller

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    Originally posted by M@GOid View Post

    Oh, now I get it.

    Also, let me put my "Mr. Pedant" hat on: that is a Super Famicon button mod, not a SNES.
    I was just about to say the same thing!


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      Originally posted by kn00tcn View Post
      i have had controllers cause cramps, too, plus there are other alternatives like a mouse with many buttons or extra programmable keypads made in varying shapes (now i'm wondering why pedals never became an option, what a waste of idling feet)

      what about one of those ergo mice that have your hand naturally perpendicular to the table? do you use armrests and are they raised? is your table low?

      certain geometry amplifies or reduces strain in my experience, definitely think it's important that hands are pivoting as downward as possible and that there is some form of elbow support (neck pain when there are no armrests? what a ridiculous side effect)

      personally i prefer inputs near the edge of the table so the keyboard palm is partially resting on the table+partially on the table edge+partially in the air, mouse is claw grip half pivoting on wrist half pivoting on armrest elbow with pinky+thumb lightly touching mousepad for precision guidance
      Interesting, the idea to use a controller came to me because of my memories playing games on consoles as a kid (mostly on the GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2) where cramps never happened to me, and indeed, I really do not get cramps when using an old PlayStation 2 controller with an adapter, however the controller is damaged (I got it that way), and I never got around to properly configuring the acceleration profile for the joysticks.

      I am aware of mice with extra keys, however I am not aware of such mice that are large enough to be comfortable for me (I currently use an A4Tech RBW-5) which is absolutely amazing (seriously, there is nothing on the market that comes close to what A4Tech's old Big Wheel series offered). I have tried a Rapoo MV20 Silent ergonomic mouse (60~70 degree angle), and at first it's great, however over time it causes me the same cramps. I have found that holding a standard mouse at a 90 degree angle helps much more.
      I do use an armrest, but it needs to be shared with the keyboard. It is a rubber piece, so not that high, just enough that my palm does not need to be raised to use the mouse.

      From what I can see, it would appear that my cramps may have to do with how my Ulnas (in both arms, and this is not due to an injury) may be either at a slightly different angle or slightly longer, which causes them to jut out a bit above.

      the forum (says it) uses vbulletin, i'm not sure how much control michael has or is even capable of doing (he's not a web dev is he), but that might be a keyword to search with

      arent you still able to scroll to see the text box while the keyboard is open in portrait orientation? but there are a lot more variables like ios vs android, third party android keyboards, ppi or scale setting (i recently happened to increase my ppi to fit more text on screen), whether the browser scrolls to what's being typed, etc

      but in general this forum is pretty bad: profile column taking up space in mobile portrait orientation, fb+tw social buttons for no reason as if anyone needs to constantly share to exclusively those old sites instead of a single share button with more options, the page buttons on the bottom dont work without javascript (yet the prev/next buttons at the top do), multiquotes dont seem to work or exist, no thumbnails/previews of attachments when not logged in (or does that require javascript again)

      i would just use a notepad app as a workaround to write replies and paste quotes if it's as bad as you described, which i already have to do on desktop to multiquote, plus it's a good backup in case posting fails
      I see. I hope that there may be a solution.

      Scrolling does not help, since there is not enough space between the text box and the bottom of the page. I generally use GBoard (whether old modded versions or newer up-to-date versions) on fairly vanilla ROMs (whether custom ROMs or stock), and I generally have rather high resolution displays (currently a 1440x2560p display on a Razer Phone 2, with a custom DPI set to make everything even smaller).

      I do remember claims around a decade ago that vBulletin is not a particularly good system, however later I read that there is no good forum system.