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Wishlist for Porting Projects (Pt. 2)

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    Well i liked Raptor, was fun long time ago...
    I'm sure George and Scott would love to see another potential revenue stream out of that title right about now...


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      Originally posted by Flynn View Post
      - How about any of the older (Porsche, High Stakes) or more recent (Carbon) editions of Need for Speed? I haven't found any NFS title on the list.
      Because nobody thought about them. Unfortunately, they're EA titles.
      That means "maybe" at best.

      - Trackmania Sunrise or newer (only the older original is on the list)
      It's considered part of the package on that one- we're likely to get access to things if we're given one on some of these.

      - Puzzle Quest
      My GF would love me for helping to port that and then kill me afterwards for bringing her a damn time sink.

      - Secret Files: Tunguska & Puritas Cordis
      Those could be considered. I also want Fritz and a few other things from them. The studio itself is probably approachable- the publishers might be more entertaining though.

      - Battlefield: Vietnam, 2 and Battlefield Heroes
      EA. I've got an EA related title or two that I think I might be able to sweet-talk out of them for sale electronically, but in the same breath, we need to see what we can manage on SMAC or get someone to break the ice over there, it's a "maybe" at best on those. (I'm picturing Sisyphus' level of labor right at the moment...)

      - An improved version of Ascendancy
      I've tried several times, unsuccessfully, to get them to allow a port of that game back when it was still a going concern. Nowadays, I'm not quite sure WHAT The Logic Factory's doing right now or if it's just a silly pair of websites operating mostly on autopilot. They keep saying Seeker's due out and that Ascendancy II is following and would be multiplatform (i.e. they might be amenable to a Linux version...) but they won't return emails, etc. The truth of the matter is that DNF isn't the ultimate piece of "It's coming soon, honest!" vaporware- DNF's just more visible than the one that ought to hold that title...
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        Originally posted by Linux-user View Post
        I'd really like to see The Book of Unwritten Tales being released for Linux. I think it's possible to get this game to Linux.
        YEAH! I second to that as well!

        A release of A Vampyre Story for Linux would also be nice.
        Yup and there is a MacoSX version as well.

        Speaking about real commercial Linux releases there are more adventures than first person shooters.
        What are these my friend? I'm not aware of anything.
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          Bah. I forgot Microsoft is the publisher. Those guys bug me...


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            does dreamcatcher have a negative view of linux?


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              Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
              i would be happy for any decent racing game
              Agreed, and I see FlatOut 2 is on the list of maybes


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                Originally posted by rettichschnidi View Post
                Maybe worth to look into:

                The German version is already out and got good reviews (85%+) The game states to use the Ogre engine.
                Originally posted by numasan View Post
                Book of unwritten tales looks really good! Nice art style and lots of detail, plus I miss a good adventure game
                I can't see why it shouldn't exist on linux since it uses the Ogre engine?

                I can't think of any games I'd wish for right now, but I'm glad you are doing this Svartalf.
                Originally posted by Odin View Post
                If you need any help with testing or contacting german publishers, don't hesitate to contact me.
                Originally posted by Linux-user View Post
                I'd really like to see The Book of Unwritten Tales being released for Linux. I think it's possible to get this game to Linux.

                The game uses the Ogre engine, which is also used in games from Deck13 (the Ankh series and Jack Keane) which are also ported to Linux.

                The developers of The Book of Unwritten Tales also said it's possible to see a release for Mac OS or Linux in the future.

                So it looks like they're willing to port this game to Linux.
                The Book of Unwritten Tales +1


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                  Originally posted by Elryhm View Post
                  Bah. I forgot Microsoft is the publisher. Those guys bug me...
                  They do me. They've effectively deep-sixed, as far as I'm concerned, several titles already published and to be published- that I'd love to play but absolutely will not. Fable's one of them, much to my dismay.


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                    Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
                    does dreamcatcher have a negative view of linux?
                    Haven't contacted them yet. They're an up-and-coming publisher of good RPG, click-and-search type Adventure games, along with a few gems outside those genres. Lemme get a bit clear of the release debacle at my day job that I'm undergoing and I'll put them up higher on the list to see what they have to say to me.


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                      Originally posted by Aradreth View Post
                      Redoing the textures/improving the engine would be a huge job and isn't something that is likely to happen.
                      Depends on how worthwhile the original game is. Having said'd remain to be seen.

                      PS. Svartalf posts should be pages in your first post. 110 posts isn't all that impressive.
                      Edited... (I blame being sleep deprived from the release from HELL- you try getting right doing reconfigurations of software RAID1 Linux boxes (To non-RAID or from it to RAID1...) in a fully automated manner for machines in the field... I won't say it's difficult, but there's always something else lurking in the mix... ) 110 pages isn't all that impressive, if you get down to it- but it's a bit more than I'd ever envisioned. And I hope to have more wins like Caster and, if it ever happens, EU2 shortly.