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Wishlist for Porting Projects (Pt. 2)

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  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
    modern world...
    i think the people need to wake up they can earn millions of dollars on a simple 2D 1998 like game on facebook on an free to play game.....
    Different situation. They typically earn millions off of the stuff you're talking about- just not LGP with the ports. And in LGP's case, they're getting gouged up-front, and then when they publish. Unless the royalty structure is framed in so that you can sell it low and you can get permission to even make it available for download, you can't either because of the amount of money owed per unit to the publisher/studio on the title or because the rights deal doesn't give you permission to make downloadables.

    Many of the bunch that controls rights access has the idea that they need absolute control in their heads- along with trying the impossible by preventing unauthorized duplication by end users. Means more profits in their heads if they do it that way.

    I completely understand where you're coming from, including on the position on DRM. Unfortunately, you need to frame your response in a bit more appropriately so that the message will be received and perhaps over time someone will wise up in the industry and change things a bit.

    You don't want to buy titles because of the wasted resources.
    You don't want to buy DRMed titles because you're not renting things.

    That sort of response is more well received than the ones I've been seeing in the forums- and it just reinforces their incorrect premise that we're all a bunch of pirates anyway.


    • 7 days is a bit short, maybe LGP should create a similar client like steam and provide special offers/free games over a weekend. I personally would not buy timebombs - does not matter how much they cost. The main problem i see with LGP is that they sell mainly games which are low budget titles on Win for years and even when the Linux ports are not fresh (say 6-12 month) they are sold at the initial price. Old titles are old, no matter what system they run on, maybe use twice the price of the Win budget price but that's definitely enough even for Linux gamers...


      • Another vote for Guild Wars 2.
        They've mentioned it would "require DirectX9, with support for DirectX 10". This was a while ago, however given that GW1 ran on very modest hardware at launch, among other things, I suppose they'll stick to their original plan (heck, xp is still what... 75% of the desktop market?)
        So as far as graphics go, I suppose openGL should be ok feature wise.

        Guild Wars currently mainly consists of a 7.7 MB executable and a large data file.


        • I know it's been mentioned before, but any chance LGP could make a deal with GOG (Good Ole Games) to re-sell at least the DOSBOX games?

          I'd pay a few dollars more than GOG's prices for a Linux SKU of those games. (Of course for a non-DOSBOX game from there, I'd be willing to pay considerably more, to a point.)


          • Recettear:

            Another company working with the doujinsoft circles to localise limited-run games. This is very cool and we should support it in any case. Their FAQ isn't super-positive on this or OSX, but they probably are living under the blanket of insufficient information like most others.


            • I don't think Mount&Blade/M&B Warband by Taleworlds has been suggested yet (not listed in the OP, but haven't read all 1360 posts).

              The developers should be amenable to licensing a port, I think. Decent userbase. Runs under Wine, so it shouldn't be particularly horrible a job, and there's even a pinned thread in the official forums about doing so (good sign for penguin-friendliness).

              Obviously, I have no idea of any technical problems that may arise, but the main thing is whether or not they'll be open to it, yes?


              • Mount & Blade has been suggested before, and was on the maybe list. As it isn't there any longer I guess the devs/publishers weren't interested?


                • Surely it would/should then be shifted to 'Dead Ends', not removed completely? Otherwise you could end up with people repeating each other...


                  • Plain Sight -


                    • Originally posted by Wyatt View Post
                      Sure looks sweet, but it's built with XNA, and that might be a problem.