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Wishlist for Porting Projects (Pt. 2)

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    Do you mean the DOS game Raptor in your list? Did you update caster 3d already?


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      Counter-Strike: Source ?

      The steam platform would probably need to be ported as well for this, so it's a long shot.

      Edit: oops, just read this from the start post 'Any of the Valve stuff's up in the air- someone may well be doing all of Orange Box and Steam...'.


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        I would really love to see SpellForce ported to Linux. There were various discussions about it in the past in it's own forum, which all ended up in Linux vs. Windows discussions :/
        It was developed by Phenomic and published by JoWood.


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          Civ4 and rome:total war would make me wet myself if they'd exist natively under linux (specially the latter). IL-2 and Gothic 3 are also _excellent_ games :-)

          Regarding Europa universalis, might we see rome vae victis aswell?

          By the way, while you're looking into sins of a solar empire, please look into galactic civilizations 2 + its addons. its from the same company.

          Great to see this effort to port games! :-)


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            I'd really like to see The Book of Unwritten Tales being released for Linux. I think it's possible to get this game to Linux.

            The game uses the Ogre engine, which is also used in games from Deck13 (the Ankh series and Jack Keane) which are also ported to Linux.

            The developers of The Book of Unwritten Tales also said it's possible to see a release for Mac OS or Linux in the future.

            So it looks like they're willing to port this game to Linux.

            A release of A Vampyre Story for Linux would also be nice.

            I'd also like to see more games like Doom 3, Quake 4, Prey, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Painkiller, NecroVision and the upcoming RAGE, Wolfenstein and Doom 4 being released for Linux. Of course without having to buy the Windows version.

            Originally posted by Apopas View Post
            Actually shoot em ups and such are a lot for Linux. Linux lacks on RPG and adventure games.
            That's true for free games, but not for commercial games.

            There are a lot of free first person shooters (mostly multiplayer), but I don't know of any free adventure game for Linux.

            The only commercial first person shooter I know is Postal 2: Share the Pain. Runesoft has released Ankh, Ankh 2 and Jack Keane for Linux.

            True, we also have Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein and Prey, but you still have to buy the Windows version (there are real Linux versions of some Quake games, but these are old and impossible to get nowadays).

            Speaking about real commercial Linux releases there are more adventures than first person shooters.


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              - How about any of the older (Porsche, High Stakes) or more recent (Carbon) editions of Need for Speed? I haven't found any NFS title on the list.

              - Trackmania Sunrise or newer (only the older original is on the list)

              - Puzzle Quest

              - Secret Files: Tunguska & Puritas Cordis

              - Battlefield: Vietnam, 2 and Battlefield Heroes

              - An improved version of Ascendancy


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                Looking at opensource 3d engines i found:
                - Vampire Story

                - Salvation Prophesy
                - Venetica
                - MOTORM4X
                - SteamPunk Legends
                - Haunted
                - Tunnel Racer
                - HCA : The Ugly Prince Duckling
                - Sector 13
                - Soshiant


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                  Originally posted by Flynn View Post
                  - How about any of the older (Porsche, High Stakes) or more recent (Carbon) editions of Need for Speed? I haven't found any NFS title on the list.
                  Yeah I second that. I would also be happy to see any of these on the list.


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                    i would be happy for any decent racing game


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                      Sacred 2 anyone?