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Wishlist for Porting Projects (Pt. 2)

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  • Originally posted by gforum View Post
    Dear DL what happens when you do something windows doesnt like... 'bugs, Bugs, BUGs!'

    the user's minds gets used to this kind of 'processing'...

    so when you see a windows 'lover' posting... simply ignore.

    ignorance and insanity are 2 very different things.

    -best wishes.

    Im going to pray to god that you are just joking, I know i am . If it was believable for 2 minutes that i like the default xp theme or the blue screen of death i deserve to be in csis or the cia .

    @ titan quest

    looks like a thq game. They also published stalker and stalker is on the not a f@@#'n chance list


    • I want all the Source games and Steam to be ported, only then would I be happy.


      • Originally posted by deanjo View Post
        All the tasks you listed for "linux" are easily done in windows as well so why reboot?
        What on earth tasks I listed for Linux? And where I overexxagerated? If I was going to overexaggerate I would say dual boot is idiot, difficult, useless, problematic etc etc, I just said is impractical... that's overexaggeration? What should I say to not overexxagerate then? What the hell deanjo, you keep reading things I never wrote, just like in the other thread. And while saying you are not turning this into a OS war, by posting things like "you do this in windows as well so why boot in Linux" that's what you really do. Can't you really see that? I don't think so, maybe that's on purpose. you didn't reply in this whole gaming thread till now just to tell things about windows versus Linux, totally irrelevant from the thread's point. Plz advertise your windows in some other thread, or even better forum, there are plenty of windows lovers forums out there, I've told you that before, but even if you don't like such an idea, stop converting, at least, this specific thread!
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        • ughh,,,, ill start another thread about the damn dual boot debate


          der you go.
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          • League of Legends is a game being made by the guys who made DotA for WC3. It appears to be a potentially popular indy game that I would certainly love to play. On their forums there are already a number of people asking if they will be shipping a Linux client. Unfortunately the devs haven't replied. If the right person could get a hold of them this could be an excellent game on Linux.


            • I know this sounds kind of silly, but I would like to see Linux versions of the game collections that use DOSBOX.

              As part of that I would like to see the XCOM series- apparently 2K Games has at least the publishing rights for the XCOM series (the first 2 or 3 were DOS games, and the rest were Windows games). If you look at the Steam forum for the game, one of the 2K guys occasionally posts there.


              • have magitech games been brought up yet?

                these guys use openal and opengl and make some very interesting strategy games, i guess the only reason they dont have versions for mac and lin is ignorance... but go figure.

                its a canadian companyi think.

                it might be a sure bet.


                • This is rather odd choice, but has anyone considered that yet unreleased game 6 days in fallujah? The game was dropped by konami, and it's looking for a new publisher right now.

                  They might be interested.


                  • what about "League of legends : Clash of Fates"

                    Gameplay video

                    seems to be also small company and currently supports only windows platform.

                    Developer:Riot Games
                    Release date:September 2009


                    • what about games from Hidden Path?

                      the guy who made caster works there, and as caster did rather well on linux, maybe that might be a good route in?