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VKD3D-Proton's Hans-Kristian Arntzen Experimenting With Vulkan Video

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  • VKD3D-Proton's Hans-Kristian Arntzen Experimenting With Vulkan Video

    Phoronix: VKD3D-Proton's Hans-Kristian Arntzen Experimenting With Vulkan Video

    Hans-Kristian Arntzen of notoriety for being with Valve's Linux team and leading the work on VKD3D-Proton has been experimenting with the Vulkan Video API initially for his personal Vulkan renderer, Granite...

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    Exciting times for Vulkan video. The API is ridiculously low level
    That's why we can implement VA-API and VDPAU on it. Right?


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      "mere graphics programming mortals"
      it sound like he's the only one capable of doing whaterver hes blabling about


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        Everyone should show Hans-Kristian Arntzen some more love. Over 10 years ago he created SSNES and libsnes based off of bsnes when byuu made bsnes a lib. That eventually grew into RetroArch and libretro. SquarePusher/TwinApex/LibretroAdmin eventually took over and TheMaister/Hans-Kristian left, but came back to drop his own game "DinoThaw" and after that on day one Vulkan release he sent in merge requests making retroarch the first vulkan ready anything. Back in the day if you sent him a proper bug report, he'd responded almost instantly with code asking does this work on that device and regular hardware. He is one of the few Developers that i've talked to that helped out right away, also add in the few intel devs that have help me out without proper bug reports on this site alone. I love open source!


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          That's super interesting, thanks for sharing that bit of history.