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NVIDIA Gaming/GPU Performance: Windows 11 vs. Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by piotrj3 View Post

    Can != does.
    mutter does, I'd be surprised if kwin & sway didn't. Together with gamescope that covers the bulk of them relevant in practice.

    Michael tests default settings (like he should) and by default composing is there even in full screen exclusive aplications. What is more (correct me if i am wrong) linux DEs doesn't predict turning off composing in borderless like situations.
    There is no "exclusive fullscreen" on Linux. Direct scanout of client buffers is possible in principle whenever the application window covers the whole output (with Wayland) / whole desktop (with Xorg). If it doesn't happen, it's a limitation of the compositor and/or drivers.

    2nd issue is how you would explain [...]
    I wouldn't even try. Since this is comparing aggregate results from large numbers of individual tests, it's unlikely that there's a single explanation for the results.


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      I wonder to what extent init_on_alloc=0 init_on_free=0 would change the performance numbers.