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  • Youtube Channel to test Linux Gaming

    Hi everyone, so thanks to A LOTTT OF POSTS FROM Phoronix recommending specific hardware for Linux, I was able to save up for 2 years to get a new PC, for simply put: Gaming on Linux. So my new channel is and the idea is to complement the high quality posts that Phoronix launches with some testing with the hardware that I have. So at the end, you feel safer knowing the hardware works and performs great before you buy it. At the moment I have a specific computer with an Nvidia 4090 to test with that I got lucky to get.

    Hope the channel helps a bunch of helps others decide which games they will know work on Linux and perform great on it. Thank you.
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    in my experience. Debian and manjaro were pretty bad. Ive since been using openSUSE leap and its been super stable. CS GO used to crash on both debian/manjaro and had long boot up times. Zero problems with that under openSUSE. I'll also say the input response feels much better in Quake and CS GO. Have had no problems playing Elden ring under proton as well, except maybe one random crash once.