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Godot 4.0 Preparing For Beta, Feature Freeze Next Week

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  • rmfx
    I like that they ship when they think it's ready, and that's it.
    That is how you get the stuff done clean and future-proof.

    With the amount of code that got revamped, Godot 4.0 will be an example of what "major version update" means for real.

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  • Mahboi
    I guess the song was correct.

    More seriously I've been waiting for this for a long time. It's probably just a dummy announcement, since Godot releases are pretty terribly organised and will probably extend to some 6-10 betas and then some 6-10 release candidates later. But Godot 4.0 is a major step for game making, and Godot is such a massive improvement in usability compared to Unity or Unreal that it's an incredible step forward even if only for that.

    I expect Godot 4.0 will be satisfactory with 4.1 being the one where they really bring out the big guns. Now it's time to finish 4.0 with as clear a code as can be.
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  • Godot 4.0 Preparing For Beta, Feature Freeze Next Week

    Phoronix: Godot 4.0 Preparing For Beta, Feature Freeze Next Week

    Godot as one of the most successful open-source game engine projects is preparing for its Godot 4.0 Beta 1 milestone and as part of that will begin the feature freeze for this major engine update...

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