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Arch Linux Hits Top Linux Spot Over Ubuntu In May's Steam Survey

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    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
    This ain't an exclusively Linux fan-only site...
    It mostly has Linux enthusiasts, some of them Linux fans, but not all (e.g. I use Linux but I am aware of its pitfalls and sometimes I hate those).
    Also, there is the occasional Windows or macOS article ;p
    to be honest i do not unterstand and i do not get the point why birdie is in this forum and what is his message.

    i read all or nearly all the posts here and most people have a clear opinion and a clear message and a clear goal...

    but birdie ?? who knows his true intension... he claims he love linux and he comes fromt he linux country russia who are the most country closely tied to linux and so one and so one. and then you read all the anti linux anti gnome anti wayland anti opensource anti libre anti freedom and so one garbage from this person... its madness...

    some people here in this forum have websites with enemy list and they put on on their enemy list for example if you tell them that KDE is CLA-WAR garbage and by this can not be the solution for the open-source market. if someone want 'KDE like workflow desktop and no CLA-WAR they use Cinnamon Desktop. and i really dont get why valve steam deck is on "kde"

    in my point of view this QT company is pure toxic for linux. and Valve should switch to Cinnamon Desktop to.
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      I guess the new Arch Installer really payed off!