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    Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
    well then im a zombie
    Where did I left my GravGun?


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      Originally posted by xav1r View Post
      I thought the previous publisher was GT Interactive, which was bought out by Infogrames. Didnt Take 2 pay them the 12m for the publishing rights?
      No, GT was first, GoD was second, Take-Two was third- all the handoffs were due to the publisher in question imploding or being bought out. They bought GoD and one of the parts of the deal was the licensing rights to DNF for 12 mil. If Take-Two/2k has a beef over the $12 mil they paid in, it's not with 3DR; it's with the prior principals of GoD. They didn't pay anyone at 3DR any money, ever; they just held the publication rights to it just like they held the rights to the first Ep on Prey. They've PUBLICLY stated that for the record, even. It remains to be seen that Take-Two has anything that'll work in court at this point because of that history.
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