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Steam Survey Results For February 2022 Put Linux Right Above 1.0%

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    Originally posted by HEL88 View Post
    Third month still falling.

    RIP Linux. Soon it will be zero .
    To be blunt, I removed Steam from the linux part of my dual boot setup. All that ricing and troubleshooting and tweaking for... 10% slower performance, or even worse in CPU-bound games where I really need it. VRR still doesn't work, and HDR (or even proper SDR output on HDR displays) is barely on the horizon.

    Linux is still great for gpu compute... and minecraft + starsector.
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      I was in this one for a change.
      loving steam atm, been a few hiccups over the last 12 months, but right now XP12 VR and CSGO are now seconds away whenever I get bored of "real work".

      Personally dont care how many or what proportion are kids that know nothing about computers and are stuck on windows there are either, Valve has clearly bet the house on Linux with the steam deck, so support is not going away any time soon, which was always the worry.


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        Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
        The rise in Arch users could be due to early shipments of Steam Decks.
        I'm pretty sure the early Steam Deck shipments are not counted in those numbers.
        The survey probably doesn't show up on the Steam Deck at all as it would be against the sought user experience.
        Nobody wants a survey to pop-up when he just wants to play on his console.


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          Do not quail. In the last few days I got the survey on my desktop and my laptop. So next month there'll be a steep rise in Linux numbers and Gentoo will overtake all tge other distros.

          (this is not a serious post )


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            Originally posted by chuckula View Post
            Tell Putin he can call off the invasion, Linux is over 1% in Steam!
            Reserving some pigs, strap-on wings, and a few catapults for the 10% mark.


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              I've been running Debian for 15 years for everything. Except games. For Steam I still have a separate Windows 10 PC. It's old hardware but fine for what I need: LGA 1155 motherboard, Core-i7 2600, 8GB RAM, SSD for OS, HDD for storage, GTX 760 GPU. Every now and then I read about how Steam is now good enough via Proton for those games without native Linux ports. It isn't. I tried it again this week, after a gap of maybe 6 months. Yes, there are vast improvements, really worthwhile and actually surprising and impressive. But it's still the case that Steam gaming on Windows is very, very obviously better than Steam gaming on Proton for many games. Using Proton games can stutter and be jerky even while Steam overlay is reporting them running at a steady 60fps. I would love to switch to only using Steam on Linux, and relegating Windows stuff to wine or VM, but there are really good and very visually apparent reasons that the Steam userbase is only 1% Linux.


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                I really should actually load up my Linux Steam client occasionally.

                Originally posted by Vermilion View Post
                If the same trends continue this month then Arch Linux would become the most popular Linux distro on Steam.

                Note that Arch numbers should be separate from Steam Deck, as the latter reports itself as "SteamOS Holo"
                If the trend continues, in two months Mint 20.3 will be in the lead.

                So I doubt it'll continue.


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                  Originally posted by Sunderland93 View Post
                  Steam Survey now run every time when first run of the fresh Steam Client installation.
                  This made me smile last week i installed steam again on openSUSE.


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                    I think the steam deck will increase the interest in Arch.

                    I also think that wont last. Unless you really want to learn Linux, there are much easier to use Distro's.

                    I really love Valve and AMD, how they turned a crap driver into something that now competes with, and in some cases, beats the proprietary driver.

                    I have still have bad dreams of how poorly serious sam3 run on Linux. Because my pc was and is dual boot, I could compare to Win 7 on the same hardware.

                    When I these days start a game from that time, the games still warn me.
                    I probably don't want to start the game with the opensource drivers.

                    There is a option to continue anyway, and these days I am very happy about the opensource AMD driver.

                    I still hope the Linux gamers group will grow beyond or close to mac users.
                    That might change the fact most games are build with Direct X in mind.


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                      I don't believe this number because me and none if my family nor friends get the survey reliably month to month.