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Shadowgrounds: Survivor Is Still M.I.A.

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  • Shadowgrounds: Survivor Is Still M.I.A.

    Phoronix: Shadowgrounds: Survivor Is Still M.I.A.

    Well over a year ago we shared that two new PC action games were being ported to Linux. These games were Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor, but throughout 2008 updates on the Linux clients status were bleak...

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    Non Violent High Quality Linux Games?

    Guys, a bit off-topic, so sorry for that. But let mes ask.

    Linux games "Top Ten" type of articles/reviews mostly focus on FPS. Is there a good place to search for high quality (both free software and proprietary) Linux games for little kids? (I'd say, ages 2 through 10 or so). I know some of them, like Secret Maryo Chronicles, Super Tux, and such, but I failed to find a good place to keep track of things, because there are so many half baked, version games out there ... and so much of a focus on shooter type games.

    Oh well, thanks for any pointers!


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      if you look in the package repository for your distro, it should contain a number of games- and if you want strictly kids games, look at the educational sections- KDE has a very nice selection of education apps including games.
      You can also check out the linux game tome:


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        Thanks, Dashcloud! Yes, I do look in synaptic/adept, and there are literally dozens, maybe hundreds of agmes, and really a few are top notch. Same with happy penguin, it's been around for years, but there is too much content, most of which are really 80's looking games

        I was looking for something like this:

        But with a focus in non-violent content (there are a couple gems in that blog).

        Maybe if a place like playdeb (when it goes live) sorts things by popularity, that sort of thing would make sense

        Oh well, thanks!


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          Any news on this game?


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            You should have checked the LGP page. It's gone gold and will be available in around 2-3 weeks.


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              Originally posted by MAXX View Post
              You should have checked the LGP page. It's gone gold and will be available in around 2-3 weeks.
              Apparently i should have. I guess i rely to much on this site for updates :P Thhough i am on the mailing list and dont think i got a mail about it.
              Thx for the info


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                I got one. :P

                We are extremely please to announce that Shadowgrounds Survivor from Igios is now GOLD. It has gone to replication and will be available in around 2-3 weeks. Survivor will be available both as a boxed product everywhere, and as a downloadable and rentable game from our download partners.

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