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Microsoft To Acquire Activision Blizzard

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    Think we can safely say we'll see new releases leaving steam and appearing on MS store / Xbox in short order and I suspect Windows 11 / Xbox only. Sad for any fan of the core blizzard games.


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      Could always check out Veloren. No chance of Microsoft buying that.


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        I wonder if this is against SONY, or against SteamOS/Linux. Probably the latter.
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          I haven't played any Activision Blizzard games in many years because I do not like playing that type of games, so from my perspective this announcement is pointless.


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            I'm excited to see what comes of this.


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              Originally posted by Siuoq View Post
              I wonder if this is against SONY, or against SteamOS/Linux. Probably the latter
              Sony is the real target. If they can use Xbox Game Pass to "Netflix-tize" the industry and start selling more consoles and subscriptions than Sony, it could be a big deal. Maybe the consolidation of a bunch of companies and some other factors could help reign in AAA development costs too. Or they could screw it all up, who knows.


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                Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

                Shit, for me the current low bar is being set by MSFS 2020 and CoD Vanguard. Those games have so many bugs for how much revenue they generate it isn't funny.

                I bought MSFS 2020 back in November and it wasn't until a week or two ago that someone found a method of entering and exiting things in the right order for Bush Flights to work somewhat correctly.

                The friggin sights we can unlock for guns on CoD Vanguard don't work. The sights on the guns on a shooting game are broken. That's all I need to say about how messed up Vanguard is.
                Xplane11 is windows linux and mac native and was already better than msfs anyway.

                Funny to hear about the cod sights though. That did make me chuckle.

                Whats even more funny is they just spent $70Bn and still wont be able to compete with PSVR2.


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                  This is just wrong.

                  The same 10 companies own the world more and more by the day. We reached a point where being a very big company is not even enough for independenceā€¦

                  The only thing ms want is to dominate the video game industry so much that nothing can grow outside their scope, just like they did for
                  their disgusting OS, for their office suiteā€¦

                  This makes me puke.


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                    Originally posted by MrRtd View Post
                    Bad for consumers, so expect this acquisition to be approved.
                    The best-rated AAA game of 2023 will be:

                    How many sharks remain in the tank?


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                      They overpaid.