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Cemu Emulator Plans For 2022 With Going Open-Source, Aiming For Linux Support

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    Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post

    Yeah I think most forks features got mainlined one way or another.
    That is my understanding as well.


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      Originally posted by geearf View Post

      Yeah nothing scammy or forced at all that way. Though I can kind of understand why Yuzu would not want to have links to a site that distributes for free what they sell.
      Supposedly not sell but give to Patreon donors. If you wanna sell your emulator then just sell it and stop hiding behind the guise of donations. Go the route of Project64 and see what happens.


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        Originally posted by HD7950 View Post
        Too late. You can play the best Wii-U games using Yuzu.
        Why would anyone play Wii U games on Yuzu? There is no game that runs better on Yuzu than it does on CEMU. When I’m playing Yuzu, I know I’m playing on an emulator, when I’m playing games on Cemu, it runs the games so flawlessly I forget I’m on an emulator. The only viable game for Yuzu is BOTW 2, and I’m doubtful that it will be playable for quite a while. I just keep Yuzu around in the hopes that one day it becomes usable.