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Vulkan vs. OpenGL Performance For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    disclaimer: i'm absolutely not an expert


    vulkan's existance is a blessing because now that a low-level API exists you CAN tell the GPU the optimal way to handle things if you know what you're doing... and you still CAN use a game engine's higher-level abstraction if you don't need/want to handle things so directly and trust the engine devs to do a good enough job for your use-case (which now they also CAN do better on their side)... win-win-win

    before vulkan devs had to do all sorts of crazy workarouds to tame OpenGL into a better gpu path than it would choose on its own... if you're aiming for optimized code, "let me handle it for you" high-level APIs can make your life a lot harder than "tell me what you want step-by-step" low-level APIs


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      @Michael: No benchmarks for any Vega-based (Vega56, Vega64 or Radeon VII) GPU's a bit disappointing...


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        I made an account just to say this. I've been so hyped for this kind of update, I tested in uuleticals FPS Benchmark and went from 179.61 to 190.61 with '-vulkan' on my i7-4770k, gtx 960 build. I had to symbolically link /usr/lib/, and /usr/lib/ to ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike\ Global\ Offensive/bin/linux64 with dev-util/google-perftools-2.9.1-r2 to get everything working. It did stutter for a while, but shaders were probably compiling in the background and that's not an issue anymore.

        Gtx960 with Nvidia 495.46
        dwm on gentoo


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          Valve should really fix game start preventing problems first before doing other changes. It's very nice to see new features coming, but libtcmalloc issue is very old and blocker for all non technical people. And for those who fixes it by themselves there is a potential thrust factor/vac problem.. referring to github issue #2659


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            game started visibly fast with vulkan render but that stil looked pretty experimental to me. input gone crazy and fps is set to natural resolution in fullscreen mode which cant be changed.