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Steam On Linux Marketshare Edges Tiny Bit Higher In November

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    Originally posted by mSparks View Post

    So my point is "thats not how steam hardware survey works".

    Steam is in a fairly unique position in that they know when you change your hardware (your account is bound to the hardware you log in on), if you change your hardware you have to validate it and they send pretty much most of them an automated hardware survey (I've done two in the last 12 months due to buying lots of new hardware, main machine which is FC35 on an RTX3070 and AMD5900, a mac mini, a macbook air and a ROG windows laptop with RTX3050 - that is currently back in the shop DOA because the keys started falling off the keyboard). Not sending them hardware data is also "opt out" iirc.

    What is then presented in the hardware survey is "what hardware did people log in to steam on in the last month" - not your typical survey of "what were the answers to the hardware survey this month".

    You can see they have all that nailed down if you try and log in to steam on a device you haven't before, you'll get a message that this is a new device and they'll send you an email to let it log into your account.
    That is not my experience which match that of many other Linux users, in fact a common complaint among Linux users is that they have never gotten the survey to begin with. I have since I started to use Steam changed both GPU, CPU, Motheboard, amounts of RAM, drives etc and not a single one of those changes have lead to the survey popping up.

    It did pop up once several months ago out of the blue though, not triggered by any changed from my side so by all accounts it does look like I was just randomly selected to be part of that months survey. But I digress and in the end only Valve truly knows how all this works.


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      Originally posted by F.Ultra View Post

      But I digress and in the end only Valve truly knows how all this works.
      Which is why you should always draw on multiple sources for numbers like that. For example:

      BUT also, dont get lost in percentages, 0.13% in a month "sounds" tiny and insignificant, but when its out of a population of 120million people - every desktop gaming PC - 156,000 new Linux gaming machines in 1 month, its a lot more significant than 1.27% of the ~2,000 people who fly XP11 on a daily basis.